After pregnancy, do you continue to work or resign at home?Be careful before making a decision

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The youngest girl in the office was pregnant not long ago. The most difficult three months in the first three months of her confidential work was very well done, but the most difficult 3 months had passed, but the girl submitted a resignation application to the leader because the reason is that the reason is that the reason is that the reason is that the reason is that the reason is that the reason isWant to keep your fetus at home.The leader persuaded to persuade the failure, and the girl insisted that the leader would not keep it.But as soon as this girl left, the office began to discuss the world.

Indeed, should I continue to work or resign at home after pregnancy? It is correct what to do. Whoever says this question is not a standard answer. After all, everyone and each family are different.

However, for most people, especially some people who come, their suggestions are mostly if physical conditions are allowed to go to work. After all, it is so long during pregnancy.It’s not good for yourself and children.In addition, if the girl’s own family is normal, there is no income after resigning and the fetus, and it will be more economical. After all, after the child is born, this little swallowed gold beast will spend money everywhere.If you have difficulty in economic problems, it will then affect family relationships, especially husband and wife relationship, and it will be even more loser.

Therefore, many people will say how to go to work during pregnancy, but pay attention to the strength, and you can no longer fight as when you are not pregnant. Some people who have physical work should pay more attention. After all, pay attention to the whole pregnancy.There are still many things.

Of course, this is the most situation. If the woman after pregnancy takes into account the actual situation, such as the special nature of the work, the normal work during pregnancy will affect the fetal development, or the quality of themselves is poor.Also, it is far from home to work, and it takes time and exhaustion back and forth. Similar situations have arrived together. For mothers and children, such women may not be suitable for continuing to work during pregnancy.

However, even so, there is still a suggestion here. Do not resign easily. Many units have one month of fetal leave in the first three months of pregnancy. If the physical condition is special, you can ask the unit for leave.Apply for maternity inspection and so on.In short, even if you need to rest during pregnancy, you may not have to resign. After all, after the resignation, especially after giving birth, you have not wanted to return to the workplace, and it is quite difficult to start looking for a job.And if you have a work unit, just when you ask for leave, it will be much simpler when you want to go back.

Therefore, girls, whether they want to resign after pregnancy, they must consider it clearly, otherwise they will make a decision in a hurry. It is too late to regret it when they encounter something.

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