After pregnancy, don’t touch these three housework pregnant mothers, don’t touch it, it is not good for adults and babies.

Although pregnancy is the most precious of a woman’s life, many pregnant women have been regarded as "key protection objects" by their families during this time. They are not allowed to do this.But for those who are more diligent before pregnancy, such a limit is simply a suffering.However, remind you of pregnant mothers, even if you are diligent, do not do these housework, for your own baby for your belly.

1. cook

Cooking can be said to be the most common housework. Because the diet of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is very particular. Many times, in order to make pregnant women eat better, they either eat fish today or eat chicken tomorrow.But sometimes, because of pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, these seemingly nutritious foods are actually unable to eat, so some diligent pregnant mothers will think of cooking something they like to eat.However, because the oil fume in the kitchen is relatively large, the pregnant mother will increase the pregnancy response due to the oil fume during the cooking process, which is not conducive to the growth of the fetus.If you want to eat what you want to eat, you can communicate with your family.

2. Washing dishes

Because many times when washing dishes are washed directly from the water faucet, the water directly picked up by the faucet was very cold. If the pregnant mother was washed with cold water during pregnancy, it would make the body cool and lose.In fact, no matter whether it is washing dishes, it is often not consciously stained with cold water, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to it.If you really want to move your muscles and bones, you can’t do it, but you must pay attention to the use of warm water or gloves.

3. Dry clothes

Drying seems to be unusual housework, but because many times the drying racks are generally high, they often hold their feet and raise their arms when drying clothes.You know, these actions will extend their bodies invisible, especially many people will have a small bench when they are drying their clothes. This dangerous movement of stretching and height is a taboo for pregnant mothers.For the health of the pregnant mother’s body and the fetus, it is best not to work hard to dry clothes.It is recommended to prepare landing -type drying racks during pregnancy, which is convenient to dry, and there is no danger. It is still good.

In addition to the above housework is not suitable for pregnant mothers, there are also housework such as dragging flooring, rubbing glass, noodles, and water changing water.No matter what, after pregnancy, the pregnant mother should not be stubborn, otherwise the baby will suffer!However, although it is precious during pregnancy, it is not to say that the pregnant mother can do nothing. Xiaohuo can help do it, such as: sweeping the floor, choosing vegetables, rubbing furniture and electrical appliances, stacking clothes, and so on.

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