After pregnancy, pregnant women are hungry quickly, but these 4 kinds of food expectant mothers are best not to eat

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In the early stages of pregnancy, most pregnant women’s pregnancy and vomiting reactions had a bad appetite. They basically couldn’t eat anything, and they vomited them after eating.Entering the middle of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction disappears, the appetite of pregnant women starts to get better, and eat a lot of things every day.Sometimes I ate 4-5 meals a day, and I was still eating supper before going to bed.During pregnancy, it is indispensable to provide nutrition for the fetus, but there are a lot of attention to pregnant women in diet.Like these 4 food below, no matter how hungry, it is not recommended to eat, see how many kinds you have eaten.

1. High -calorie, high -fat food

Many women like to eat sweets, and still retain this habit after pregnancy.It does not get angry or be full after eating desserts, but for pregnant women, they should not eat too much sweets, because the sugar content and fat content in the sweets are high.Especially before going to bed at night, it cannot be consumed in time after eating. It is easy to accumulate fat in the body, so that the weight of pregnant women will increase too much.Do not eat high -calorie foods such as burgers and fried chicken, which is not good for the body.

2. Spicy food

The diet during pregnancy is as light as possible, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.However, some pregnant women have a heavy taste before pregnancy, and they also love such foods during pregnancy, such as hot pot, spicy hot and so on.These foods occasionally have no problem, but if they eat frequently, pregnant women can easily get angry.Most pregnant women will have constipation problems. Eating these foods will increase constipation.And if the residues of these foods in the body cannot be consumed and discharged in time, it is easy to form fetal poison and affect the skin’s skin.

3. Cold food

Now that it is a hot summer, hot weather always wants people to eat cool food to cool down.So you can eat popsicles, drink cold drinks, etc., but pregnant women do not do so.If pregnant women eat too much cold, it will stimulate the uterus to shrink, and if it is serious, it will cause abortion or premature birth.So no matter how hot the weather is, for the health of the fetus, pregnant women should be more patient.

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4. greasy food

We said earlier that the diet during pregnancy is best lighter. The greasy food and sweets can make people feel full.However, eating too much greasy food will increase the burden on the stomach. The food will accumulate in the body for a long time, and the blood sugar in the body will rise.And these greasy foods can easily cause excess nutrition for pregnant women and gain too much weight.

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