After pregnancy, pregnant women stay away from these daily appliances to avoid hurting the fetus in the abdomen

Nowadays, electronic equipment is widely used in daily life. In the process of using electronic products, more or less radiation will be used. Normal people often receive radiation and are damaged to the body.What’s more, pregnant women, long -term acceptance of electronic radiation, will have a bad impact on the fetus in the abdomen. The radiation of several electronic products in daily life is particularly large. Women after pregnancy should stay away from the following daily appliances to avoidThe fetus in the damage.

1. microwave oven

The microwave oven is a very widely used kitchen appliance. It is very convenient to use. It can be hot in a few minutes, but the radiation of the microwave oven is very large, especially when the tinker is opened.Pregnant women usually try not to use microwave furnace hot meals. They can steam the meals with other pots, or let others use the microwave hot food for themselves. In short, don’t approach the microwave oven in operation.

Second, induction cooker

The induction cooker is a very common kitchen appliance. Almost every family is available. It is also very convenient to use. Switch soup is very fast. In addition, the induction cooker is cheaper than gas, so the induction cooker is a kitchen appliance with high daily usage rate.However, pregnant women try not to use the induction cooker to cook, because the height of the induction cooker just aligned the stomach of the pregnant woman, and the radiation of the induction cooker is also very high. Pregnant women try to use less electromagnetic cookers in daily life as much as possible!

Third, computer

Nowadays, every family has computers, and now it has been popularized at work, but the radiation strength of the computer is also very large. When the computer is turned on, the surrounding electromagnetic radiation is very large, including X -rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, visible light, etc., soPregnant women must take radiation protection measures at work, and try to contact the computer as little as possible at home to protect the fetus in the abdomen.

Fourth, vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is also a commonly used electrical appliance. It is convenient to use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning the room. However, it is best not to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the vacuum cleaner during pregnancy.For the safety of the fetus, pregnant women and family should try not to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the room.

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