After pregnancy, the acne on the face becomes dark and ugly, and some people say it is a male treasure

I started to have acne a month before pregnancy, and after pregnancy, I was acne, and I did not dare to use skin care and cosmetics, especially after pregnancy, I felt dark and ugly!Even the mirror is unwilling to look!People who met me said that they became dark, and they were in a bad mood.But it is the male treasure that listened to the ugly. Is this true?

Listen to the different sayings of mothers on the Internet.

Hao Hao Mom: "Not very accurate! People and people have different constitutions, so the response is not the same! I have a good skin when I am pregnant.My belly is tip, the old man said that it was a female treasure! My friend reacted strongly when he was pregnant, and it was only five months old, and the male treasure was born! So just seeing these is inaccurate! My mother -in -law said that one person is the same as one person.Don’t believe this too! "

Lili Mom: "Ten nine is, the more spots on the face when the classmates are pregnant, the ugly, and then a man was born."

Duoduo: "This is not necessarily. My sister also had a spots on her face when she gave birth to a child last year. It was also a boy who was born.

为 Mommy: "Taking me as an example, my friends around me said that my skin was white and delicate before pregnancy, and it was not long. Friends said that I must have a beautiful little princess.As a result, I was born with my son, and now I have been now more than three months. So I think it ’s not allowed to look at long spots, turn black, and become ugly. Besides, it’ s good to have children and women, as long as the baby is healthy. "

Good Bunny: "Do you believe it? At that time, I was pregnant with Dabao. At that time, I was particularly good -looking, but boys. Relatives were full of freckles. This statement was not scientific."

Coco Xiaoga: "This is not necessarily. I just gave birth to a male baby together. There are a lot of spots on the face before pregnancy. After pregnancy, the spots are almost gone. In fact, their children and women are the same.He health is the most important. "

Xueer: "I have a lot of acne on my face now and my nose has become larger, but I don’t know if it is a boy or a girl, but my sister has nothing to grow on her face when she is pregnant.","

Experts said that during the period of pregnancy, the content of estrogen will soar rapidly.It promotes hormone secretion of skin pigmentation, so some pregnant mothers have acne on their faces at this time to produce freckles.Therefore, the skin of the pregnant mother’s skin is actually related to the changes in estrogen after pregnancy and their physical fitness, and it is not related to the woman who is pregnant with a woman.As long as the baby is safe and healthy, male treasures are all treasures in their hands!

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