After pregnancy, the most complete inspection strategy

Xiaobian is the first time to get pregnant this year, because I do n’t know anything. I can only question all kinds of Baidu. In the end, I spent a lot of injustice and did a lot of repeated inspections.I do n’t say that people are tired of being tired. Today, I will share with you the strongest strategy for checking after pregnancy.

The results of the examination may show that the progesterone is slightly low, and the HCG and estradiol are doubled. Don’t worry. Many women’s progesterone will be slightly low.

If you really don’t worry, you can obey the doctor’s suggestion to monitor and supplement progesterone.

After the NT results come out, you can take the list to the community where the residence is located to build a small card (file).

This step must be remembered.Community hospitals will enter various information entry to you and take blood on you. B -ultrasound and ECG examination will tell you when every checkup will be.

Without a small card (file), many hospitals will not give you Tang sieve and four -dimensional examination, so small cards are important.


The examination between 13-24 weeks will be performed in a community hospital. The examination of the community hospital will be completed in about 24 weeks. It will be transferred to other large hospitals (preferably you choose a hospital for childbirth) to build a large card (large file).

I will draw blood three times. When I go to the first time I go, take the blood once, then take the sugar water. After drinking the sugar water, take the blood again after an hour.Basically, it will take a morning, and someone will be better with someone.

There are a few pictures in three dimensions. Doctors will only give you a B -ultrasound result list, and only three or four pictures of the baby can be seen on it.

There are many pictures in Siwei, and some hospitals will send you a USB flash drive. There will be many photos on all sides of the baby on it. The price is more expensive.

I made a three -dimensional of the three -dimensional hospital in the hospital under construction.

32-week of pregnancy, 37 weeks of pregnancy, every month will be checked every month. It mainly checks the fetal heart. During the period, blood drawing will be performed to see if pregnant women have anemia or nutritional deficiency.

After 37 weeks (full moon), you need to check it once a week, mainly for fetal heart monitoring.If the amniotic fluid is too small or turbid during the period, the fetus is hypoxic, it may need to be hospitalized or cesarean section in advance.

In the end, I still have to vomit. Some examinations on the hospital are necessary, but some examinations (such as blood types) must be repeatedly checked, and it is not necessary.

Finally, I wish every pregnant mother who gave birth to a healthy and healthy baby, and cheer up (ง • ̀_ • ́) ง together.

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