After pregnancy, the pregnant women in these three places try not to go, it is really not superstition

Pregnancy is a big deal, and every woman hopes that she can give birth to children peacefully.After women, women can no longer be as casual as before, and they must consider whether they will affect the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen.Some pregnant women pay more attention to their diet, schedules, and exercise, but ignore the impact of the environment on themselves and fetuses.Therefore, in order to allow the fetus to grow healthy, pregnant women in these three places try not to go, not superstitious, and there is really a scientific basis.

1. Wedding

Of course, the wedding of the new people is lively, but for pregnant women, the lively of the wedding can not make up, and it is better not to make up.Because weddings often pay attention to joy and liveliness, there are many relatives and friends at the wedding banquet, and it is easy to crowded and collide to pregnant women.It is not a trivial matter if pregnant women are collided and falling.

Wedding is generally held in the hotel. Most of the dishes of the wedding banquet are relatively greasy, and sometimes safety and hygiene cannot be guaranteed. Pregnant women’s diet should be light and clean during pregnancy. If these dishes are eaten, it is likely to have a bad impact on the development of the fetus.

In addition, drinks and cigarettes are essential things at weddings and wedding banquets. The taste and cigarette flavor may sometimes make pregnant women disgusting and feel uncomfortable. At the wedding, pregnant women can easily become victims of second -hand cigarettes.Therefore, try not to attend the wedding after pregnancy, which is really not superstitious about the health of pregnant women.

2. Cinema, KTV

Many pregnant women have always felt very boring at home after pregnancy. I think occasionally to watch movies and singing with friends to relax and relax.But it is best for pregnant women to not go to cinema, KTV and other entertainment venues.

This place is generally closed, poor breathability, poor air quality, high harmful gas content such as carbon dioxide, relatively low oxygen content, which is harmful and harmful to mothers and fetal baby healthy and harmful.

In addition, the noise in these places is generally relatively large. High noise can easily lead to abortion, premature birth, or even abnormal tires, and low noise cannot be ignored.Sometimes the sound in the room is too loud, and even normal people can’t stand a little, let alone the fetus.Therefore, expectant mothers are best to avoid noisy places such as cinema, KTV, etc., and do not stay in a noisy environment to prevent noise from harming the expectant mothers and fetuses.

3. Cemetery

There are such customs in some places, and pregnant women cannot go to the cemetery after pregnancy.If someone dies during pregnancy, it is best not to go to the cemetery.Because there is a large yin in such places such as the cemetery, the pregnant women who are pregnant themselves are insufficient, and the cemetery has no benefit to the fetus. In severe cases, it will cause the fetal instability.

After pregnancy, expectant mothers are very fragile and cannot be too sad.The environment of the cemetery and the crying of the people around them will make the expectant mother’s heart very sad.Excessive mother’s grief is very bad for the fetus.Moreover, this place in the cemetery itself will make people feel cold. If pregnant women have been in a tense and sad environment, it is very unfavorable to the fetus.

Some pregnant women don’t think so much, do not care about these things, and some pregnant women may be ignored due to lack of relevant knowledge.However, there is nothing small about the development of the fetus. Do not use yourself and the health of the fetus to do experiments.Consider everything before doing it before you do it.Don’t hurt the fetus because of your ignorance.

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