After pregnancy, the woman only wants to eat instant noodles, and she is trained by her husband: Is this the same for your daughter -in -law?

Pregnancy is the most special period of a woman’s life.I vomited everything for the first few months and spit it up.I can eat it in the late pregnancy and eat myself into a big fat man.

This is not counted. Some people have a special taste during pregnancy. When they want to eat, they have to eat. If they ca n’t eat them, they will think about that food.

If you haven’t experienced it, you must not think of how tricky the pregnant woman’s taste can be!A friend of the author can not eat noodles even after pregnancy, and vomit when you eat it, saying that it is the smell of the machine.

Just like this woman, she did not like to eat garbage foods, but she wanted to eat instant noodles madly after pregnancy. To this end, she was discovered and trained by her husband when stealing instant noodles.Is this?

This issue comes from the life sharing of a man.

According to the man, his wife has been pregnant for four or five months and has passed the stage of pregnancy.

When I was pregnant at first, I vomited everything, and even drinking rice soup could spit.He inquired about the treatment of pregnancy in many places.

Soda biscuits, soda water, grapefruit, etc. She did not eat less, but she did not work. When she spit it for more than four months, she finally didn’t vomit.

Just when he was relieved, when he thought that his wife could make up more, his wife had no interest in food and wanted to eat instant noodles.

The woman’s mother -in -law told her that the instant noodles were not nutritious, and there were still many additives inside. Eating too much was not good for her body and it was not good for the fetus.

The woman said she knew these, but she couldn’t control her thoughts. She didn’t want to eat anything else, so she wanted to eat bowl instant noodles!

The woman bought a bucket of instant noodles, hid in the room secretly, but did not expect that she was smelled by her mother -in -law, and taught her again.

After the mother -in -law went out, her husband also came in, and his face said very unsightly to her: if you do n’t eat, eat instant noodles, do n’t think about the children in the belly at all. This is an irresponsible manifestation!

The woman listened to her husband’s nagging, and gradually shed tears, and said aggrieved: I just wanted to eat this bite, but I didn’t eat it every day.What’s wrong with?As for saying that I am not responsible?

Seeing his wife ate sweetly, the man said helplessly: What kind of taste is this?She usually doesn’t like to eat this thing, and now she doesn’t know what’s going on. Is your daughter -in -law pregnant?

Netizens said: Instant noodles are not good. Pregnant women still eat less, take responsibility for themselves, and also be responsible for the children in the stomach.

Some netizens said: Occasionally, it doesn’t matter if you eat it once, even if there is an impact, how bad can it be?It doesn’t matter if she cry, it is more impact than three instant noodles!Pregnant women maintain a good mood, don’t care about it.

Some netizens said: I have worked with the convenience of noodle factories, not as unhealthy as you think.You cook for her, put some vegetables and eggs, which is not much different from the usual noodles.For this matter, do the mother and child train her in turns?

The author believes that the netizen’s statement is more reliable. The reason why instant noodles can be produced and sold on a large scale show that it is not much harmful.

It may not be so healthy compared to normal meals, but it is not a flood beast. It doesn’t matter if you eat a meal occasionally.

Two people taught her in turn. She cried, and her mood would have a bad impact on the fetus.Eat all, why bother?

Many pregnant women’s tastes are more tricky. It may be just this period. After this time, it will be fine.Regardless, as long as pregnant women like to eat, let her eat more or less, there is no need to care about it.

Love is the most important, isn’t it?

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