After pregnancy, there are several reactions. Moms should pay attention to, and "sweetness" during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you must know that the pregnant mother will conduct a checkup during pregnancy. The doctor will measure the height of the uterus, the overall condition of the fetus, and the weight of the pregnant woman.

At about 24 weeks, the doctor also measures blood sugar for pregnant mothers.But many mothers do not understand why they did not take too much sugar during pregnancy, but they did not pass the blood sugar.

I believe many people can’t touch my head and don’t know what’s going on.Friend Yiyi is a typical example. Yiyi has always paid attention to nutritional intake during pregnancy.

And Yiyi usually does not like to eat sweet people, so she did not eat sugar.Recently, her husband took Yiyi to do a checkup, and the doctor checked Yiyi to check the sugar.

Yiyi is full of confidence in this inspection, because she doesn’t usually eat sugar, she believes that this test will be able to pass it once.

The doctor then found that Yiyi’s blood sugar exceeded the standard.After communication, I found out that although Yiyi usually did not eat sugar, she liked to drink milk tea.

However, the sugar contained in milk tea is also very high, and Yiyi drinks a cup of milk tea every few days.This caused his blood sugar to exceed the standard. Yiyi felt very regretful after knowing it. He decided to control blood sugar and stay away from milk tea.

Fortunately, under the control of Yiyi, the blood sugar dropped.Otherwise, the consequences in the later period are unimaginable, and when I think of this, Yiyi feels a little scared.

Maybe to many people, there is no big deal for blood glucose during pregnancy. Many people think that this will not affect physical health.So, what are the dangers of blood glucose exceeding the standard during pregnancy?

Because during pregnancy, doctors will instruct pregnant mothers to pay more attention to the overall status of the body. After all, the pregnant mother will move forward with weight at this time, and a person’s physical condition will directly affect the health of the baby.

According to a well -known gynecologist: If blood sugar exceeds the standard during pregnancy, this will affect the physical development of the baby, and it will also affect the overall physical condition of the pregnant mother, which will increase the weight of pregnant mothers in a straightforward weight.

By the time of the second trimester, due to the excessive blood sugar, it can also cause pregnancy hypertension.If pregnant mothers have pregnancy hypertension and excessive blood sugar during pregnancy, they will also increase the difficulty of production.

At the same time, premature or premature breakthroughs in the fetal membrane will also cause gestational diabetes.This will also increase the number of mothers’ amniotic fluid, which will happen.

For fetal baby, if the blood sugar of pregnant mothers exceeds the standard, it will directly affect their nervous system and cardiovascular system to make them develop abnormal in these areas.

Mothers with more blood sugar will have more insulin secretions, which will cause them to have hypoglycemia after birth, which will affect the development of the lungs, and even respiratory distress.

Everyone does not know how to judge whether the mother’s blood glucose exceeds the standard during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother has the following situations, then pay attention to blood sugar.

Case 1: The skin becomes very dry

Some pregnant mothers find their skin condition during pregnancy, which is different from usual.Even during pregnancy, mothers can use some skin care products, which are skin care products for pregnant women.

But after using these skin care products, pregnant mothers still find that the skin condition has become very dry.No matter how much skin care is used, this situation has not improved.This situation is not a problem with skin care products, but the blood sugar of pregnant mothers has exceeded the standard.

Case 2: There are too many meals

Maybe many mothers think that the amount of meals during pregnancy exceeds the standard, which is normal.After all, there is a baby in the stomach, and one person eats two people to make up.

Although the pregnant mother can exceed the standard during pregnancy, it can exceed the standard, but if the amount exceeds too much, it is too much.For example, I hope that my mother usually eats only one bowl of rice, but she can eat three bowls of rice during pregnancy and feel hungry.

In this case, pregnant mothers must go to the hospital to check blood sugar. This is a situation that implies the blood glucose of pregnant mothers exceeding the standard.

Case 3: I always feel dry mouth

Pregnant mothers always feel dry mouth during pregnancy. For this situation, maybe many people feel that they only need to make up the water and drink plenty of water.

However, such a situation occurs during pregnancy. This is also a signal transmitted by the body to pregnant mothers, which shows that this situation will occur if the body’s blood sugar of pregnant mothers exceeds the standard.

Blood sugar should also be controlled during pregnancy, otherwise it will also affect the health of pregnant mothers and babies, and even the difficulty of production.As long as mothers do the following, they can control blood sugar well during pregnancy.

First, check blood glucose regularly.

During pregnancy, the first thing pregnant mothers have to do is to check regularly.In the pregnancy checking item, it also needs

Second, control your mouth.

Many pregnant mothers have not controlled their mouths due to their appetite during pregnancy. They always eat and drink. They eat what they want to eat. If they are not careful, they will take too much sugar.

During pregnancy, you must also control your mouth. For foods with too high sugar, pregnant mothers must stay away.These foods will not only cause the mother and baby to gain weight, but also affect the blood sugar of pregnant mothers, leading to high blood glucose, and they should take more their own mouth during pregnancy.

Finally, open more legs.

Maybe many people think that they should take more rest during pregnancy and open their legs to ensure that the baby’s peaceful comes can be ensured.However, during pregnancy, you need to move more.

TIPS: You can avoid some severe exercise, do more mild activities in normal times, and open your legs.For example, walking, pregnant women exercises, etc. can better exercise the body and control blood sugar.


It is a vital thing to control blood sugar during pregnancy, which is related to the health of pregnant mothers and babies.As long as you do the above, you can control blood sugar and let your baby be healthy.

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