After pregnancy, there will be these changes in the body, and every change is a painful experience

Those who have not experienced pregnancy, if they have not been paying special attention to related content, will probably not have a specific impression on the physical changes that occur after pregnancy.

The pregnant women in film and television dramas seem to be just a nausea for a while, change appetite, and finally pain for a while to complete the experience of the entire pregnancy and childbirth.

In fact, everyone who has giving birth to a baby knows that pregnancy is so relaxed?Pregnancy will bring a lot of physical changes to women, let’s take a look today!

In fact, from the beginning of pregnancy, the mother will continue to adjust the body to protect the fetus. During the entire pregnancy, the skin, muscles, joints, kidneys, and hearts will be affected.

Many people’s cognition of pregnancy only stays at the level of pregnancy and menopause, and more cognition can only understand it after they have experienced themselves.

In fact, from the birth of the fetus to the birth process of the child, Bao Ma has undergone tremendous changes from physical and psychological.

1. Rough skin

Some women will have pigmentation of the skin after pregnancy, and the skin becomes poor and darkened, especially in the neck, armpit, chest and other places.

Dark skin during pregnancy is mainly related to hormones. After pregnancy, estrogen increased sharply, activating the human body’s black cells, and put it in large quantities to the skin. This situation will return to normal after childbirth, and the skin color will slowly recover.

There are also some pregnant mothers on their faces on their faces. They are mainly due to the decline in immunity of mothers during pregnancy and the skin is vulnerable to damage.Although it will gradually fade after the baby is born, the possibility of completely disappearing is not much.

2. Separation of stretch marks+abdominal rectus muscles

As the pregnancy increases, the fetus gradually grows in the belly, the pregnant woman’s belly will slowly grow, and the stretch marks will take the opportunity to climb the belly.

Stretch marks have a lot to do with personal skin elasticity, but most treasure mothers cannot escape the fate of stretch marks.

In addition to long lines, the belly will also have a rectus abdominis separation ".

The rectus muscle is the eight -piece abdominal muscles on the belly, and there is a vertical white line in the middle.It has physiological functions such as protecting the abdominal internal organs, supporting the back of the waist, participation in completion of defecation, cough, and childbirth. It is called "natural waist".

After pregnancy, the belly is constantly becoming larger, and the rectus muscles will be separated along the white line to both sides, which will cause the rectus muscles to separate.

The abdominal rectus is not only caused by relaxation of the belly, big belly, but also hidden health hazards such as weakness of backache, discharge of internal organs, and pelvic forward leaning.

Stretch marks+abdominal rectus are separated, and postpartum belly is not exaggerated with "unbearable direct view".

3. Swiping on the chest

The impact of the progesterone will increase the breasts of Baoma slowly after pregnancy, and it will become particularly sensitive. Sometimes it seems that the skin around the nipples may still be dark.

At this time, if the care is improper, it is likely to cause the breast sagging.

4. Internal organs

The fetus turned from sesame seeds to large watermelon, and the internal organs of the pregnant mother were squeezed upward, and they became crowded and even changed. Various discomfort followed.

The lungs of the pregnant mother are constantly squeezed. After six months of pregnancy, the uterus rises to the diaphragm, and the heart rate of the pregnant mother will start to increase.

Pregnant mothers’ liver, stomach and other organs are compressed and moved upward. Eating a little will feel abdominal distension and full, and some pregnant mothers will feel nauseous and gastric fluid.

The intestines of pregnant mothers are smaller and moved up to form intestinal disorders, resulting in a more prone to constipation than usual than usual.

The bladder of the pregnant mother is flattened and smaller, and it is easy to form frequent urination, urgency, and leakage.

Therefore, women’s pregnancy is not just as simple as the belly becomes larger. All the organs of the body are dedicated to the development of the fetus, and those who have tortured people’s pregnancy reactions can not be imagined at all.

5. Emperor edema

Increasing the uterus in the third trimester will compress the lower limbs, which affects the blood flow of the lower limbs, causing edema of ankles and calves.

When pregnant women go to bed in the middle and late stages, they can take the left side position to raise the lower limbs about 15 degrees, which can improve the blood flow of the lower limbs and reduce the problem of edema.

6. Emotional instability

Many expectant mothers have changed their mood during pregnancy, it is easy to lose temper, and it is easy to be unhappy and tears.

This is because after pregnancy, the endocrine system will gradually be disordered, leading to hormones in an imbalance, and the temper and emotion of natural pregnant mothers will change, and unstable phenomena such as irritability, anxiety, and sensitivity will occur.

The symptoms of everyone’s pregnancy are different, and the individual differences are very huge. Pregnancy is really a very hard thing. I also hope that the pregnant mothers’ families can be more easily for the mother after seeing this article.Care and help.

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