After pregnancy, there will be two odors on the pregnant mother, the second one makes people blush!

With the continuous development of society, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life and pay more attention to their external external.Everyone loves beauty and hopes that they can be close to perfection.In particular, it is a majority of female friends.But when the girl becomes a mother, they will become different from before.For example: there will be some odors on the body of pregnant women.And the taste of each expectant mother is different.Some mothers have a good smell, but some mothers have the taste of people who have collapsed.After pregnancy, there will be two odors on the pregnant mother, the second one makes people blush!

Everyone will have a smell, which has a certain relationship with themselves and usual diet.For the expectant mothers with their children, they will also taste it.And the smell on each mother is different.Some pregnant women have a sweaty smell, but almost everyone will have this smell.When we travel or play, we sweat.In particular, it is in summer.Naturally, it will flow a lot of sweat, and there will be sweaty smell on your body.

And during pregnancy, the metabolic ability will become fast.Therefore, the amount of sweating of expectant mothers will be much more than others.In this way, this sweaty smell will exist in pregnant women.And expectant mothers are with their children, and their behavior is very inconvenient.So some pregnant women are not convenient to take a bath or take a bath every day.This leads to the smell of sweat on the body and it is even more serious.If the body allows, pregnant mothers should take a bath every day to remove these sweaty smells.

There is also a type of pregnant mothers who have a very unpleasant taste on them.This kind of mothers will taste great, and it is also very unpleasant.Don’t say that others will be disgusted, even their own family will collapse.Because after pregnancy, the secretions in the private parts will continue to increase.Therefore, the taste of pregnant mothers will become heavier.Many pregnant mothers have reported that the taste on her body is very unpleasant and can’t even stand them.If mothers want to eliminate these tastes, they must be clean.In particular, private parts.

And mothers must take more baths, it is best to take a bath once a day.If the pregnant mothers are not very good, their behavior is not convenient.Then pregnant mothers must change clothes every day, especially underwear.In this case, the taste of the pregnant mother will improve.Otherwise, the scandal on the pregnant mother will not only get better.Instead, it will become more and more serious and be disgusted by the family.

The two flavors of pregnant mothers, the second type, countless pregnant mothers will feel embarrassed!In addition to the above taste, there may be some other flavors on the pregnant mother.So what does you taste during your childhood?

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