After pregnancy, these houseworks let her husband do it. Specific mothers are lazy, which is good for you and baby baby.

Recently, some fans are asking me if I can do housework after pregnancy. In fact, about this question, I think everyone’s answers are different.

Because each woman’s physical fitness during pregnancy is different, some people feel that doing housework is particularly simple, but some even feel difficult to move, but no matter what kind of reason, the housework mentioned below is best to let her husband do it to do it., Try not to participate in expectant mothers, it will be good for you and the fetus.

Even if you are pregnant, you still have to do a lot of things, such as going to the supermarket to buy things.Many young couples enter the supermarket, and they are half of them. However, after women are pregnant, it is best not to mention heavy objects.

Because the pregnancy belly is affected by the gravity of the heart, although it feels hard, although it feels hard, this behavior needs to mobilize the muscles of the whole body, and the lower body must be stabilized.

With nearly ten pounds of fetal baby, and a bunch of heavy things, even if a strong woman, maybe it may be a bit difficult?So this kind of rough work is to let their men do it!Since the birth of October is the queen, so enjoy the "Queen"!

Although this housework looks simple, it is really not recommended to do it.Especially for families with a large house area, bending over or mopping the floor for a long time will make the waist of pregnant women ca n’t afford.

Especially the kind of woman with anemia or hypotension, hook her head for a long time, and lift it up again, and it is easy to have dizziness.With a big belly, this kind of joke is never possible.

The two solutions, one is to let her husband do it, but buy a floor sweeping robot directly. Everyone is not affected. It can be said to be perfect!

Some expectant mothers can’t smell the oil fume at all after pregnancy, so this glorious task of cooking is to be handed over to her husband.Here I want to criticize some male compatriots. Don’t be lazy and not cook.

Although the meals outside are delicious, there are too many seasonings inside, especially the meal of MSG is added inside, which affects the fetal brain development.

Even if there is no monosodium glutamate, the taste of the outside is heavy. Eating too much salt is not only prone to edema, but also increases the kidney burden of pregnant women.And I do n’t know if the ingredients outside are fresh and the oil is ditch oil. If you do n’t want to make a joke with your wife and fetus, you still go home to cook honestly.

Since they are all a dad, they must be a bit responsible for doing things. Is it good to be responsible?

Although the washing machine is now more popular, some remote cities still keep the habit of washing clothes.In this case, I just want to say: Go to buy a washing machine!

Now the washing machine is really not expensive, you can buy it well in a thousand nods!And the weather is getting cold immediately, isn’t your wife wash clothes with ice water?

If you are not afraid of cold, then I have nothing to say, but what’s the future?After the child came out, the clothes were washed hard!So in order to think in the long run, you will either be affected by your husband or buy a washing machine!

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