After pregnancy, this exercise can be done frequently, which helps the fetus health and the production of pregnant women


Walking during pregnancy is a simple and safe movement, even near the due date.There are many benefits for walking during pregnancy:

1. Control weight

Proper exercise can better promote metabolism, consume the heat of food in pregnant women, avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy, and the fetal weight is too large, causing huge children and causing difficulty in childbirth.I take a walk every day. I only increased by about 10 pounds throughout my pregnancy, 84 pounds before pregnancy, and 95 pounds on the birth of a child;

2. Reduce blood sugar

Pregnant women with gestational diabetes, especially paying attention to walking after meals, can reduce the blood sugar after meals, thereby controlling blood sugar in the normal range and reducing the complications of gestational diabetes;

3. Efyrosis

Many pregnant women will have chest tightness and bloating during pregnancy. I will do it.Then I walked around at home after half an hour after eating, or walked downstairs, walked down, put P when I walked, and drained the air in my stomach, it was much more comfortable;

4. Promote blood circulation

Exercise can promote blood circulation throughout the body, increase blood vessel elasticity, and benefit from regulating blood pressure.Especially pregnant women with hypertension during pregnancy must take a walk;

5. Help fast production

In the late pregnancy, the fetal head can help fall, relax the pelvic ligament, making delivery easier.I would get pregnant. Except for eating and sleeping, I basically floated outside. I played with my little niece everywhere, and sometimes she was carrying her.I said before that I was admitted to the hospital a little, and I gave birth to a child at more than 3 o’clock. This should be the most beneficial to take a walk.

Everything is too late, don’t "greedy cups".Pregnant women can adjust their walking intensity according to their physical fitness to avoid excessive exercise, causing discomfort and fatigue.Generally, 3 months ago, the fetus is mainly based on the fetus, and it is not recommended for additional walking.Between 13-36 weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended to exercise 6000-8000 steps per day.After 37 weeks of pregnancy, it can be increased to 10000-15000 steps per day.Pregnant women with gestational diabetes are recommended to walk for 20-30 minutes after 3 meals a day.After half an hour after meals, go out for a walk, otherwise it is easy to cause the pregnant woman’s stomach sag.

When walking during pregnancy, you must choose to choose a walk. It is best not to go.When walking, it is best to accompany you to avoid emergency accidents, and some people echo.

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