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Woman, sometimes admiration for her body, sometimes fear …

1. Morning vomiting, reacting from early pregnancy, mild vomiting after getting up in the morning, nausea, generally do not need special treatment, and can gradually disappear after 12 weeks of pregnancy.A small number of pregnant women will have severe nausea, vomiting, and even dehydration symptoms. They need to go to the hospital in time to prevent life.

2. Frequent urination, the symptoms that most pregnant women will occur, they will feel incomplete urine or pain. As the uterus continues to increase after pregnancy, it will cause compression of the bladder, resulting in smaller bladder capacity and cause frequent urination.The same symptoms are encountered in the late pregnancy.

3. The abdomen is hard. Before 37 weeks, the abdomen occurs hard, and it is accompanied by bleeding.After 37 weeks, bleeding may also be about to give birth, and you should go to the hospital in time.If you are often stiff occasionally, you can observe first and then depend on the situation.

4. Varic veins and edema of the lower limbs. When the month of pregnancy gradually increases, some pregnant women will experience the symptoms of varicose veins. Preventive measures are: high legs raising the legs when sleeping, which is conducive to venous blood flow. Avoid long -term pregnancy for a long time.Standing and walking can prevent stretch socks.Most of the edema in the lower limbs starts from the ankle to the calf, and the thighs. If it does not reduce it after a night break, the number of times of the birth check is increased to determine whether it is a pathological edema.

5. Leg twitching, often because of calcium deficiency, this happens in the middle and late pregnancy. You need to supplement 1200mg of calcium daily. Pay attention to calcium supplement when you eat.The first choice for calcium is milk.Fast absorption, convenient, and proper sun.

6. I often feel tired, especially in the late pregnancy, the abdomen is getting bigger and bigger, it is difficult to find a very comfortable posture, plus the above symptoms occur, so it affects the quality of sleep, and I still feel tired when I wake up in the morning.In this case, you can try the left side position and support the abdomen or waist back with the help of soft pillows or mats.You can move appropriately during the day, eat a small amount before bedtime, drink a cup of hot milk, supplement calcium, and promote sleep.

7. Fetal movement, after 16 weeks, you can gently place your hands on your abdomen in a quiet state to feel the movement of the fetus in the uterus.The number of fetal movements per hour is 3-5 times, and the number of fetal movements in 12h is greater than 30 times. If it drops to 20 times, you should go to the hospital in time.

8. Toothache, generally speaking, oral examinations should be performed before preparing for pregnancy. Most of the occurrence of periodontitis are caused by bacteria, and oral hygiene also directly affects the preference for bacterial strains to be born.Do not extraction during pregnancy, prone to abortion or premature birth.However, washing the teeth is okay. You should go to a regular hospital to consult the doctor in advance to prevent other diseases from infection.

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