After pregnancy, what will the fetal treasure grow up?For details, please see the ten process charts

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Life is a magical and mysterious process. It is magical because it can only be seen under the microscope. Sperm and eggs are in the stomach of the pregnant mother. After 10 months of journey, it becomes a crying.More newborn.

The mystery is because of this process, we only see that the mother’s belly gradually becomes bigger, but what kind of changes in the mother’s belly knows nothing.

Mom has only various symptoms of pain and pain during pregnancy. It is also very confused about which part of the body is caused by the body.Mom’s uncomfortable and uncomfortable symptoms were mainly caused by the baby baby. During the growth and development of the baby, the baby’s internal organs were squeezed aside, and the whole world made him cause.

The first picture: (1 weeks of pregnancy ~ 4 weeks of pregnancy) All organs are calm and quiet

In the first month of pregnancy, her mother just came to menstruation and was discharged from the eggs.

The sperm eggs are combined into a small fertilized egg, while rolling forward through the swing of fallopian tube cilia, it is constantly splitting and expanding themselves.And find the mother’s uterus, and find a Feng Shui in the uterus to bed.

Although the split speed is fast, it is too small. It is like a little ant climbing to an elephant and built a home on the back of the elephant. Mom did not feel at all at this time.

The second picture: (5 weeks of pregnancy ~ 8 weeks of pregnancy) The stomach turns over the river

In the fifth week of pregnancy, after the embryo bed, in order to protect itself, the chorionic gonadotropin will be secreted. This hormone can be detected in the mother’s urine and blood.

Therefore, we finally confirmed that we were pregnant, which was generally discovered by blood tests or urine tests. What was found is actually human velveting gonadotropin.

After her mother is determined to be pregnant, she will generally be careful not to eat food.

However, the fetal treasure is too weak. Human flood -promoting gonad hormone can also make the gastrointestinal taste sensitive to food, and if you smell inappropriate taste, you want to vomit.

That’s because the fetal treasure is worried about what the mother eats, it is not good for herself.

Therefore, in the second month of pregnancy, my stomach is often in a state of turning over the river, and she wants to vomit from time to time.

The third picture: (9 weeks of pregnancy ~ 12 weeks of pregnancy) The bladder capacity drops sharply

We can see the picture, and the uterine naked eyes can be seen slowly, because the small embryo has turned gorgeously into a facial features, and there is a fetus with obvious heartbeats in the limbs.

Fortunately, the shrinkage of Feng Shui Baodi uterus he chose is very strong. When the fetus increases, the uterus will slowly expand. When the uterine expansion, the surrounding neighbor’s bladder is squeezed.The container, after being squeezed, suddenly decreased, causing the mother to run to the toilet frequently.

The fourth picture: (13 weeks of pregnancy ~ 16 weeks of pregnancy) Mom is pregnant

When you are 4 months pregnant, you can see that the stomach appears when wearing a personal clothes, that is, the increase in the uterus is no longer limited to the pelvic cavity, but slowly expands upward.

Moms must pay attention to the clothes you wear too tight, especially the pants head, which is better to be loose.

Mom appetite began to get better, but also pay attention to controlling weight.

Fifth picture: (17 weeks of pregnancy ~ 20 weeks of pregnancy) Rectal peristalsis is blocked

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal strength is very strong. It is like a small Sun Wukong in the uterus.

In particular, the intestine near the uterus will not only slow down the intestinal tract, but also constantly oppress the uterus. The garbage transport in the intestine is not timely, and the mother will have constipation.

Pregnant mothers must insist on moving every day, eat more fruits and fruits, and drink plenty of water.

The sixth picture: (21 weeks of pregnancy ~ 24 weeks of pregnancy) The swelling of the legs and feet becomes greater

Before pregnancy, the blood volume of the mother’s whole body is enough to use it by sherself. After pregnancy, she only relies on the mother’s own blood to supply blood and oxygen, and cannot meet the needs of the mother and baby.

In order to help the child grow and develop, the blood volume of the mother’s body will increase slowly, and the blood volume increases more oxygen and nutrition, but the legs and feet are far from the heart, a large amount of blood flows out, and the recovery will be slow, so the blood is in the blood in, so the blood is in the blood in, so the blood is in the blood.Store on the legs and feet cause edema.

Many pregnant mothers enter the middle and late stages, and they find that the previous shoes have become smaller, at least wearing a size or even two yards.

Seventh picture: (25 weeks of pregnancy ~ 28 weeks of pregnancy) need to eat less meals

In the seventh month of pregnancy, the stomach is getting larger and larger.

After pregnancy, more foods are needed to provide nutrition, but the stomach is only a little bit of place. My mother feels full after eating a small bowl of rice, and I feel hungry after a while, so I need to eat less meals.It will not cause too much burden on the stomach, and it can meet the needs of fetal growth and development.

The eighth picture: (29 weeks of pregnancy ~ 32 weeks of pregnancy) The feeling of heartbeat

There is only one heart, but it is necessary to help mothers and fetal treasures with blood and oxygen, and the pressure is great!Such hard -working hearts cannot be spared, and the uterus that is swollen in the later period is squeezed upward to the left.

Mom takes two steps for two steps, not only feels tight and hard, but also obviously feels that the heart is pounding. This feeling of heart is actually working in the heart.

The ninth picture: (33 weeks of pregnancy ~ 36 weeks of pregnancy) The impossible mark

In the late stages of pregnancy, many mothers find that there are more and more stretch marks in the belly. Once the stretch marks occur during pregnancy, it is difficult to disappear. We can only fade slowly after we have giving birth, but it is difficult to completely wear this mark.of.

The stretch marks are because the elastic fiber of the belly is involved. It can only break. A broken elastic fiber can make the mother’s belly a pink texture.

Tenth picture: (37 weeks of pregnancy ~ 40 weeks of pregnancy) Slowly recover the old

After 37 weeks, even if the child is born, many children will be born in about 39 weeks. Whether it is a delivery or cesarean section, the child will make the mother feel heartbroken.

After experiencing the painful pain, after giving birth to the fetus, the uterus without the fetus needs to be resurrected. The increased blood needs to be slowly reduced.

Entering the confinement stage after giving birth is the stage when the mother’s organs slowly restore the pre -pregnancy state.

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