After pregnancy, why are you still coming to "menstruation"?Will the fetus affect?There are reasons for seeing red during pregnancy

In everyone’s impression, pregnancy should not come to menstruation. Everyone judges that the first criterion for whether you are pregnant is that menstruation is delayed.When we first arrived at the doctor if we were pregnant, the doctor asked how long the menstruation was delayed first, and then we judged whether to be pregnant through blood testing and urine testing.

Friend Xiaoli’s daughter is 8 months old, but Xiaoli has always been a large belly of 6 or 7 months, and her weight is almost the same as that of the third trimester, and she is still more than 130 pounds.Every time I see beautiful clothes and look at her bloated figure, Xiaoli was injured, so she decided to lose weight.Listening to colleagues said that massage weight loss effect is very good, especially suitable for postpartum women, so I feel like trying it.But when a masseur massaged her belly, she found that the belly of normal people was soft, but Xiaoli’s belly was hard, which was very wrong.Xiaoli usually has no uncomfortableness, so she didn’t pay attention to these. When I heard the massage, she touched it, and it was really hard.

The next day, Xiaoli went to the hospital for examination. As a result, B -ultrasound was that Xiaoli was pregnant, and it was more than 4 months.The doctor at the time scolded Xiaoli too much, but it was more than 4 months, and she hadn’t noticed it yet. It was too dangerous.But Xiaoli did not react at all, and she also came for a holiday before February.Although this holiday has been postponed for one month, because of the lactation, Xiao Li’s regular holiday has been irregular, and she doesn’t care too much.But the holiday is only postponed for a month. Why is I have been pregnant for more than 4 months?Xiaoli has always been unable to figure it out. What is going on?

After some women are pregnant, there should be a short -term and small amount of menstrual vaginal bleeding in the time of menstruation. In fact, this is not menstruation, but mitular bleeding. Chinese medicine is called "excitement".

Why do you come to "menstruation" after pregnancy?In fact, this is a physiological reaction after the fertilized eggs.In the first three months of pregnancy, because the pregnancy sac still occupied the entire uterine cavity at the end, there is still a gap between the molten and the wall membrane. During the merger of the two membranes, the monthly menstruation should be molten and fall off.And a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs.Therefore, many people mistakenly think that it is menstruation, which is also the main reason that many women have not realized their pregnancy. Even many people take this time as the last menstrual period and delay the due date.

Does "menstruation" affect the fetus after pregnancy?This situation is more common in women who are healthy. They have no adverse effects on the growth and development of the mother and fetus. They do not have to be nervous, no need to treat, and they can disappear after 3 months of pregnancy.However, if there are more bleeding, even more than menstrual flow, or accompanied by abdominal pain, it may be an ectopic pregnancy or a pioneering abortion. The first thing is to go to the hospital.

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