After pregnancy, you are hungry, and try not to eat these foods as much as possible.

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This morning, when I brushed Weibo, I saw a hot search. I don’t know if the mothers pay attention.

Here is a brief content: pregnant mothers who are pregnant 24 weeks, suddenly feel that the body has heating back pain, and is also accompanied by frequent urination and deepening of urine color.After going to the hospital for examination, I found infected with Listel.

Soon, the pregnant mother had only 670 grams of children.The little guy is only as big as the palm of the hand, and the thighs are only as thick as the index finger.And because the development of each organs is immature, severe asphyxia and respiratory failure occur.

Fortunately, after 76 days of rescue, the child grew to 2,300 grams, close to the weight of the full moon baby.In the end, the hospital was safe.

When I saw this news at that time, in addition to lamenting the advanced medical technology, it was really good to make this little life survive, and once again felt the importance of pregnant mothers’ attention to diet.

I want to say here that in fact, the taboo during pregnancy is mainly targeted at food hygiene and safety.Especially the following foods, even if the pregnant mother is hungry, try not to eat it, otherwise it will be a great harm to themselves and the fetus.

The leftovers left overnight

Sometimes, in order to facilitate and save, we will put the dishes that have not been eaten into the refrigerator and wait for the next day.This seemingly simple daily operation is actually hidden in hidden safety hazards.

The overnight meals in the refrigerator are very easy to breed a lot of Liszto.This germ is called "refrigerator killer" and has a strong vitality.It can cause very serious damage to people with low immunity, such as pregnant women, newborns, children, and elderly people.

A large number of cases show that once the pregnant mother is infected with this germs, the proportion of abortion is as high as 30%.In addition, Listor can also be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, causing the fetus to have symptoms such as respiratory distress.

In addition, among the leftovers left overnight, germs such as Salmonella, Botox bacteria and other bacteria will be breed.After consumption, it may lead to acute gastrointestinal diseases and other diseases.

TIPS: If you do too much, you must heat it completely before eating the next day.In addition to leftovers and leftovers, milk, salads, and salads that are opened in the refrigerator can also be eaten after heating.

Sweet -marinated seafood

In some coastal areas, people prefer to eat fish raw, such as salmon sashimi and raw pickled seafood.Although this raw food is really delicious and rich in nutrition, it is not suitable for eating during pregnancy.

One is marinated food, which usually has a high salt content, and consumption during pregnancy may cause pregnancy hypertrophy; the second is to eat cold seafood, which is more likely to cause allergies; the third is in raw cold seafood.Pregnant mothers are relatively low in immunity, and they are likely to be infected with viruses after consumption, and symptoms such as diarrhea occur.

In addition to the above two types, as the weather warms, some pregnant mothers want to eat ice cream.I want to remind pregnant mothers here, try to eat less.

One is that some pregnant mothers are relatively fragile, and they may cause gastrointestinal discomfort after consumption; the other is that some pregnant mothers may cause contraction after eating cold drinks; the third is that some machine ice cream has unhygienic phenomena.

Finally, I want to say that after pregnancy, it is already difficult.At this time, you have to restrict your diet, which is really a bit cruel.But in order to be safe and healthy, pregnant mothers should still be cautious.

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