After pregnancy, you may have these four things one after another. Which one are you going through?

After a woman is pregnant, the whole family is happy, and everyone is looking forward to this baby to be born soon.But during the 10 months of pregnancy, women are nothing more than very hard.For example, early pregnancy vomiting, tortured pregnant women do not eat well or sleep well. By the third trimester, the belly is getting bigger and bigger, and it is easy to bring various discomfort to pregnant women.

In addition to these discomfort symptoms, some changes during pregnancy will also make pregnant women feel very embarrassed.After pregnancy, women may encounter these 4 things to see which one you are going through?

After pregnancy, you may have these four things one after another. Which one are you going through?

One, bad breath

After a woman is pregnant, there is a little baby in her stomach, and naturally there will be a lot of changes in their bodies.In the early pregnancy, many pregnant women’s diet taste will change, such as like to eat acid or spicy.And many pregnant women find that they have bad breath, which will not appear before pregnancy, causing them to be very worried.In fact, this is because of pregnancy. After eating food, the food is not digested in time, and the gastrointestinal food is fermented, and it may cause bad breath.

Second, more fart

After a woman’s pregnancy, it will develop day by day. By the time of the third trimester, the fetus has developed very large. At this time, the increased uterus may be compressed to the intestine. At this timeThe symptoms of flatulence in the stomach and intestines will increase you fart, which is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy.After the fetus enters the basin, the uterine position is moved down, and the intestinal compression will be reduced, and fart may gradually decrease.

Third, there is a smell on the body

After women are pregnant, some people will reflect a special smell on pregnant women. Some people even feel very unpleasant, causing many people to avoid pregnant women. This smell cannot be removed even if they take a bath every day.In fact, the emergence of this smell is mainly because after a woman’s pregnancy, the secretion of hormones in the body changes, it will show that the male glycol hormones will be brought out. This hormone may make the pregnant woman odor.

Fourth, leak urine

Due to changes in hormone secretion in the early pregnancy, pregnant women may develop frequent urinary symptoms. After adapting to the changes in hormones, frequent urination symptoms will gradually disappear.By the time of the third trimester, the uterus is getting larger and larger, and then the bladder may be compressed, causing the bladder urine volume to reduce urine volume, which can easily cause pregnant women to occur in urgency, frequent urination, and even leakage of urine. This is also normal for pregnancy during pregnancy.Physiological reactions, after giving birth, this symptom will disappear.

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