After pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses, is the terrible sequelae of the same as ordinary people?

I was infected with the new coronary virus at 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is now the 10th day after the infection. Although there is no fever, the sequelae of the new crown virus should not be small.

When the people around me began to have symptoms, I was still fortunate whether I was an asymptomatic infection that experts said. As a result, there were no asymptomatic infected people at all.

Because everyone has symptoms, and basically has a fever.But they are okay, I can take antipyretics normally, I can’t do it because I am a pregnant woman.

The symptoms of my first two days were headaches. On the third day, my sore throat was started. The fourth day began to have a low fever, and I burned for two days.

Because I was afraid of affecting the baby in my stomach, I dared not take medicine, and it was just a fever at night, so I could only choose physical cooling.

I heard a friend say that drinking with ginger and green onions and boiled water to take a bath.So I didn’t sleep much one night, just put on the forehead with a cold towel and drink ginger water.

The consequence of this is that I went to the toilet a dozen times a night. Although I had a fever the next morning, the feeling of fatigue was really never before.Essence

I was a nucleic acid made on the third day of fever, and the result was negative, but because I couldn’t take medicine, I recovered very slowly and slowly.

It’s 10 days now, and the sequelae of the new crown are still there. Are you the same as the symptoms of pregnant women and ordinary people?

1. I saw the sore throat of "swallowing blade" on the Internet, and I really felt it.After the fever, the pain of "swallowing the blade".

The cough has not been good. Every time I cough has sputum, those who are infected later than me can no longer hear the cough sound.

Watch on the Internet, drink rock sugar water with pear, and drink honey lemonade.I don’t know if it works. Cough is not so frequent, but it will still cough and sputum.

2. Crime, although pregnant women have a nausea response, but I will not have this symptom since I am pregnant.

However, after the new crown is infected, there is no appetite to eat. Every time I eat it, I feel that my chest is uncomfortable.What you feel like to eat, your mouth has no taste.

And before the new crown, there were 114 pounds of weight. After the new crown, the weight was two pounds less. Now it is 112 pounds.

3, lethargy, it is normal for pregnant women to sleep, but now they can’t lie on the bed all day long.

4, physical weakness, tiredness, feel weak, can’t help everything.

5. I feel that my mouth is very bitter, and the bitterness of the bursts has always been up from the bottom of my throat, just like eating Huanglian, even if I eat sugar, I can’t hold it.

Moreover, the whole mouth pain was two or three days. At first, I thought it was drinking ginger water to drink on fire. Later, when I heard my colleagues say that they would also have toothache, I knew that this was the sequelae of the new crown.

Experts say that the new crown is like a cold. Is this too flicker?Although a cold will have a lot of genius, how can there be so many sequelae?

Do n’t take it lightly. You ca n’t take the new crown as an ordinary cold. You must pay attention to it. Friends with conditions, or the medicine should take medicine, do n’t support it.

However, pregnant women are not the same. For the baby in the stomach, if it is not a high fever, do not take antipyretics. Try to choose physical cooling as much as possible. If you have a high fever, you will go to the hospital.

Experts also say the new crown, and the recovery period should be half a month to one month, and I don’t know if it is true.Anyway, 90 % of them are asymptomatic infected. I don’t believe it, because none of the people around me are asymptomatic infected!

After "Yang Kang", everyone still has to wear a mask to disinfect it to avoid recovery!

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