After preparing for ovulation, don’t play urine every day. These symptoms of pregnancy are very accurate

I believe that after preparing for pregnant sisters, after preparing for the same room, I want to usher in the news of good pregnancy, so in the week after ovulation, I will take the urine tests and play with the pregnancy test stick again and again. Some people may check two bars.But some people can’t verify.In fact, if you want to know if you are pregnant, sometimes the pregnancy test stick is not very accurate. We can distinguish whether there is pregnancy through these symptoms.

1. Abdominal bloating

If you do n’t come to the aunt, but you have a sense of bloating in your abdomen, it is likely to be accompanied by a little bleeding. Do n’t panic. This is because the fertilized eggs are rooted and the blood vessels are accidentally broken.

2. Destiny

It is always sleepy and always sleeping. This is caused by the release of a large amount of lutein in the body. It can protect the baby in the uterine endometrium, but at the same time, it also reduces your physical energy. It is not enough to sleep.

3. The body temperature rises slightly

You don’t have to grab the quilt with your husband anymore … If you can feel that your palms or eyelids are a little warm than usual, and this feeling has not dropped, then the initial judgment you are also likely to be pregnant.Normal people’s body temperature is about 36 degrees, and pregnant women are generally about 37 degrees. This state will be maintained from after pregnancy to end during pregnancy.

4. The chest is like a soft and soft bread

If the body is pregnant, a large number of hormones will be produced, and hormones will change your chest, and it will also have a little pain and tingling sensation. This feeling is adapted.Oh ~ ~

5. Start the road to the toilet frequently

Yes! It is the reason why the hormones are secreted in large quantities. The hormones secreted this time are called velvetic gonadotropin. They have been stimulating your bladder and make you feel urinating, but it is just the frequency of urination ~

If there are 3 symptoms above, it means that you are pregnant and go to the hospital for examination.Don’t think that when you are pregnant, you are all good. We must also be careful during pregnancy and pay more attention to rest. Especially the first three months after pregnancy is a dangerous period. If you want your baby to spend difficulties, you must double the caution.

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