After the "stealing brother", some merchants have been refunded. How long can the physical game business be supported?

Introduction: Long -term banned game list, and difficult physical game business.

In the circle of the author’s physical game merchant, the topic that everyone talked about the most in the past three years is to feel the subversion of PDD on the industry., The cheap on the Internet "has become the current" PDD buy, the cheap of PDD " -especially the physical genuine game that is known in the first trial, there is no" fake "saying (such as the packaging packaging, the version is confused about this kind of thingNo matter online and offline, objective is inevitable), whoever goes cheap to buy.

However, some people think that light is cheap and not enough. Of course, it is fragrant for 30 yuan. Each game is less than 2,300, and the expenditure of 4,500 will be saved if it can be saved.

Such a grabbing, in fact, has been implemented by some people with "stealing brother".The physical game business in the gray area in China seems to be in this round of storm, which has fallen into the "end of the road" that seems to be visible to the naked eye.

Use rules, do bad things

Mr. Lu Xun said very well: "It’s friends who play games." No, I took the wrong Taiwanese book. It should be the phrase "I never dare to speculate on individual players with the worst maliciousness."

The passage of the matter is not complicated. A consumer who was later revealed to be a "habit". On a shopping platform, a recent popular PS5 "Biochemical Crisis 4 Remake Edition" physical disk was purchased on a shopping platform.After receiving things, this person used the inequality of the platform refund mechanism. First, he refused to confirm the payment, and then pretended to be "innocent" to start playing. After receiving the refund, the game discThere is no loss of payment.

He cannot hand it over to the Industry and Commerce Bureau, because it will not stay in his hands in one thing.

After the incident was fermented by the Internet, most of the rational and kind players deeply felt that this harsh behavior was harmful to the game market in our country.And further dig out this person’s inferiority -no wonder he was so skilled when communicating with the merchant. It turned out that he had been evil for a long time. It was not until this time he was exposed that he was educated on the surface and finally paid the payment.Although the matter came to an end, because the refund mechanism of a shopping platform and the rules of the ban on the entire network of some games are not changed, fundamentally, since this behavior is not the first time, it will definitely not be the last time.

Players’ sanctions are obviously more useful than reasoning

The particularity of the parallel game itself, plus the shopping platform is inclined to consumers, or it can be said that it is not conducive to the refund mechanism of the merchant (because the platform is obviously just regarding consumers as data that proves the growth of enterprises,The object of non -intentional service) constitutes the malicious refund of players who feel away from anger this time.

Judging from the spots that the refunder was revealed, he obviously did not know nothing about the purchased goods as he described and "dare not send it back."After all kinds of behaviors are public to the public, they "admit mistakes and apologize to everyone online." The face conversion is rapid, which is comparable to the intelligent apology system.

In fact, after the "Stealing Brother" incident, some merchants were shameless and only refunded.According to the shop and buyer’s chat, the customer purchased the CD of Malaysia for more than 20 days after purchasing the Soul of Malaysia.After the buyer refused, the Pinduoduo platform was involved.Some netizens said that Pinduoduo’s policy is biased to protect buyers. Basically, as long as the customer service intervention is involved, it will be refunded directly.

As an operator of a game physical store more than ten years, the author, such as a guest complaint, dispute, related reports, all have experienced it, who is right, who is wrong, and discuss it.It is the handling opinion of the industrial and commercial administration department.

But anyway, "returns and not refund" are impossible. Even if they are selling parallel imports, it does not mean that consumers can still have something to do after getting a refund.The platform that is trapped in the system will give the wicked opportunities.At the time of the game’s refund storm, many other merchants of the shopping platform "have a long time for the refund policy", and then stood up to call on their own legitimate rights and interests.

The natural and passive gray attributes of parallel imports, the delayed cultural publishing material hierarchical system, and the despicable villain "encouraged" by the refund policy of the e -commerce platform, and the game manufacturers themselves have spared no effort to push the digital version.It shows that in the traditional sense of game stores (whether online or offline), it seems that it has become more and more difficult to maintain.

Whether the traditional "game store model" is facing death

If it is about the topic of the game shop around 2008, most of them will be a substitution relationship with the traditional physical store "adulterer" around the Internet shopping model at the time. Today, "online shopping" itself is already the norm of your daily consumption.The "game store model" has become an online and offline shops mainly based on physical games.A large shop in some areas often "self -lift" services in a cable entity, online ordering, offline pickup, and still the conventional operation of some old players to buy games.

In the Spring Festival of 2020, NS’s "Collection!""Animal Senyou Club" and "The Gongshu Ring Adventure" has become the canned pornographic pornographic cans under the special period. The price increase is outrageous, and the sales volume has risen.Propaganda, this also allowed the traditional game market to maintain the level before 2020. Combining what we see around, everyone must be able to realize how well it is.

How long have you not been on the island?

But the crisis was also brewing at this time.First of all, the supply channel and corresponding logistics of that period of time became a "not problem". The two major channels for traditional parallel imports: Japan’s direct flight and Hong Kong in Hong Kong, China are greatly limited, resulting in many popular games first.After the time cannot be put on the shelves, after the rare sources of supplies are fired at a high price, they will break the word of mouth (I believe everyone has experienced how many people have experienced), and let the core users who are anxious to start playing more to choose the digital version.Take myself as an example. Merchant writing game evaluation was the advantage of granted (it can be easy to COVER cost), but because during that time, it was slow. In order to catch up with the time, I had to buy more digital versions.

Next is the biggest problem facing all physical stores from 2020 to 2022: passenger flow.Various factors have caused people to be unwilling to come out. At least they are unwilling to go to the place where need to scan the code. It is still my own example. The health code of this shopping mall has caused pop -up windows, and the Fangcang life experience card.And all the guests who have had similar experiences will choose not to come to the store (suspicious).I understand this, after all, I can’t afford to buy a game.

Finally, it will be attributed to the problem of the game itself.NS, as the highest sales of the market, has been introduced from the beginning of the National Bank version of the game to gradually stagnation.In addition to the three giants of "The Best of the Wilderness", "Animal Forest Friends" and "Fitness Ring Adventure", there are few phenomenal games, and the console sales curve begins to decline.What about PS5 and XSX? At the beginning, there were fewer supply, high prices, and stable supply. After the quality of the main works, the more the masterpieces burst into thunder. The more players play, the more they feel like they are clown. For example, the author who started the Gotham Knight.

After saying goodbye to that period, is the business of physical games better?not at all.In terms of roots, there are game manufacturers. They have spared no effort to promote the digital version for ten years. The reason is very simple. The physical game will have an intermediate business to make a difference. Players can sell second -hand after buying in their hands.The value generated by second -hand games is not included in the manufacturer’s account. This is why Japanese game manufacturers joined for lawsuits to destroy the second -hand game market.

Today, with the help of the more and more senior membership systems, the matter of "buying games" itself is not so important. As for "the game can buy a digital version, what about the host?"I will feel that the physical store has an atmosphere, and the price is slightly high. Now the online store is the main self -service order. The most secure channel for consumers is the official store of major platforms.Travel account (NS is not good), isn’t it the end?Not to mention that some players chose the digital console at first.

In this case, what is the significance of the existence of physical games?Why are the players so hard to punish the wicked people who will cause the dying of physical games?

The "meaning" of the physical version of the game

The reason why the "malicious refund" behavior mentioned by the beginning is attacked by players, which can be regarded as a certain resistance mechanism that physical gamers realize that the crisis is approaching and adopted.The more malicious refunds, the more popular this behavior. The more popular in merchants, or the popular saying is "capital", which will gradually stay away from this industry.Even if the game operator chooses this line, there is a hobby ingredient in it, but it can only be classified as "hidden elements" at most. Even DLC is not considered. I can get the game because I like the game and understand the game.Is it lower?dream.

Now that PC players have already regarded the digital version as natural as the sunset, the physical version of the physical version of some console players can basically be attributed to the following three aspects:

1, physical collection.The reason why the physical version is called "entity" is of course to be visible. On this basis, various luxury versions will also fill the fan (pit money) attributes., Play, Evil God, and the price can be added, the price must be the price that the true love will start.In the past two years, through the rolling foam blown by the star card market, some old games with good out -of -print products were also taken out. After an institutional identification, they put it on the collection market.On the one hand, on the other hand, the potential of future appreciation cannot be completely ruled out.

"The Tears of the Kingdom", which is sold out in an instant after the booking

2. Second -hand back blood.A simple economic account. From the PS3 era, some players rely on the second -hand blood backbone of the blood vitamin’s own game experience. Later, with the popularity of a second -hand object trading platform, they were sold and sold.This malicious refund attracted the voice of the player group. In addition to the lack of flatness, a practical factor is that if the non -national version of physical games will be extinct on the market tomorrow, then some players will face the dilemma of the breakthrough of consumer closed loops.From then on, the seller who has lost "girlfriend/wife will not play, rushed out" sellers.

3. Mengxin enters the pit.One of the intuitive feelings of operating physical game stores for many years is that ordinary consumers have said that they do not know how to use the game console system.Put in the CD/Card Band, start the game, this very basic way to get started, it still makes many consumers feel at ease (players will think this kind of thing is "mentally retarded", but I tell you that this is the normal state of most potential consumers), And gave birth to a physical store, when the PS5 of the country is selling, it will start-register-register-backup account-purchase members-one-stop service for downloading games on the spot. In many cases, consumers are convenient.

Conclusion: Despite the above reasons, I am still not optimistic about the general direction of the development of the physical game market. Due to the factors such as review and supervision, the natural attributes of parallel games in the gray area of parallel games will not change.It is equivalent to making "malicious refund" a "legitimacy" that is recognized in a sense, and merchants can only accept it passively.At the same time, as the main consumer group of current and future, the younger generation who grows up in the smartphone environment has long been not in the consumption habits of physical games. A game is probably not as precious as the character skin in their eyes.

Objectively speaking, in recent years, the physical game merchants have withdrawn far more than entering the industry. I personally think that the future physical game market will become similar to the current physical records. Core users can still start the game at reasonable prices.Accepting the general trend of the digital version, after all, how can I play it?

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