After the 90s, Xie Yilin was pregnant with a second child, and her daughter was pregnant in 11 months. When did the second child pay attention to 3 factors?

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Xie Yilin, 29, announced on the social platform that he was pregnant with a second child, and generously took out his pregnancy photos and B -ultrasound photos. The text said, "I said that I am not fat, it is Anbai."Xie Yilin’s belly was obviously raised in this loose clothes.Looking at the child from the B -ultrasound, the child has taken shape, and it has been a few months, so that he was pregnant a few months after a child.

Many netizens exclaimed, "The pot of blood in memory seems to be the most recent, why are you pregnant again!" Most friends think that Xie Yilin’s second child is too fast.Others indicate that they can’t accept the second child so soon.

But many netizens said, "This is not amazing!"

Netizen 1: My brother of the building, the boss for more than 40 days, let the daughter -in -law have a second child. My mother and their women have always praised the blessings, but I think he is a beast.

Netizen 2: A friend Dabao was pregnant with Erbao in only six months!

Netizen 3: When my son was six months old, he was pregnant with Erbao.

Netizen 4: I know a person. Dabao gave birth to a second child when I was pregnant for a few months. The two children were one year old.Then now I do n’t recover well. I always take the blood.I think it’s pitiful and scared.Now he is divorced, and both children are boys.

Netizen 5: I have seen the earliest, and Dabao found that she was pregnant three months later.

Netizen 6: I know a woman. My son went out in April 15 years = birth, and his daughter was born in May 16.

Netizen 7: What’s weird, my son was pregnant with a second child in six months to prove that his body recovered well.

Netizen 8: My daughter is pregnant with my son for more than five months. Now a nine -year -old and eight -year -old. People are considering the second child. I don’t need to think about this problem.

Netizen 9: It’s not fast. My brother has been pregnant with me for four months. I am a seven child, so my brother is only 11 months older than me to see my mother’s physical condition.

Netizen 10: I have the first child, and the children are pregnant for six months. Those people say that they will not get pregnant?

Netizen 11: My classmate was pregnant shortly after confinement. Dabao was less than one year old, and Erbao came out.

Netizen 12: My old watch boss is just 11 months older than the second child.

Judging from the reply from netizens, there are also some who are pregnant after confinement. There are also pregnancy in 3 months after giving birth, and there are also those who are pregnant at 4 months after giving birth.A lot of pregnancy.In this comparison, Xie Yilin is really not particularly hard, so everyone bless her with peace of mind.

Many friends are struggling, when will the second child be suitable?Some want to hit the iron while it is hot, and some want to wait for Dabao to take care of themselves, and how much it is more appropriate, don’t forget to consider these factors.

In medical perspective, it is best to have a child after a year of delivery. It is best to have a child after a caesarean section. This is because women have some or injured in all parts of their bodies after giving birth to children.needs time.

The body is the capital of the revolution, and the body is also the most critical factor for having children.The body can be compared to the soil of childbirth. Children are a seed, taking root on this soil.The barren soil cannot cultivate rich fruits, but the fertile soil can be fruitful.

The body is not good, the quality of the eggs is not good, and the uterine environment is not good. It can easily lead to problems such as miscarriage, premature birth, and fetal malformations.Children who have been raising for a few months are also a matter of hard work, and the second child is undoubtedly worse.

Therefore, you must confirm your physical condition. The uterine environment is suitable for another child, and the body can support pregnancy. At the same time, it can take into account Dabao’s diet and live. If you do n’t feel tired, you can have a second child.

Both the WHO and the mother and baby organizations in my country advocate breastfeeding, and it is recommended that pure breast milk will be fed until the child is 6 months. If possible, you can be fed until you are 2 years old before weaning. It can be seen how much breastfeeding is.

If you are in a hurry to have a second child, you can no longer give your child breastfeeding, and you can no longer provide Dabao with the best nutrition and immunity. It is also an emotional lack for Dabao, so it is a bit sorry for Dabao.

Therefore, those mothers who had a second child 6 months ago really needed courage.

If you really want to be a second child, make a good psychological preparation, first wean Dabao, let Dabao accept foods other than breast milk, add supplementary food to ensure Dabao’s nutrition.However, it is best to recommend that you have to be around 2 years old, which is better for Dabao.

If you want a second child in Dabao for a few months, you will slowly become difficult to hold Dabao and coax sleep during pregnancy.When you are born in Erbao, you must be hospitalized and confinement. It is bound to take more time to take care of Dabao. Dabao can only give it to his family to bring or find a nanny belt, which is also a spiritual damage for Dabao.

Therefore, if the child’s independence is enhanced, you can play by themselves, be able to sleep, and have a certain self -care ability. At this time, the second child will be more harmful for Dabao.

Of course, after the birth of Erbao, the two children are similar to their age, more likely to have a common language, and it is easier to play one piece. It is the best thing for the two children to be childhood.

Therefore, if you want to take into account Dabao’s emotions, you can also be more intimate and more intimate, it is also recommended to be more suitable for children around the age of 2.If someone helps take care of Dabao well, it will be another matter.

In short, when the second child is needed, don’t forget to consider 3 factors. Talking about 10,000 truths is the best for you.

Second -child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, and original platform original author.Love children, love life, and are willing to share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, pay attention to me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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