After the infection of the new crown, how long can I be completely "so thorough"?Does it take one month or two months?


It is not short to liberalize the epidemic. Compared with everyone’s mood now from the initial tension to the current calmness, ibuprofen, thermometer, and disinfection alcohol seem to be an important material.The immunity is strong, in fact, the new crown is not a problem.

After fighting for a period of time with the new crown, many people are "Yang Kang", but it will be clearly found that even after the body turns overcast, there will still be some symptoms of cough, body weakness, and chest.The existence of these symptoms does not seem to be completely cured. When will the recovery after the new crown be infected? This is also a question that everyone is generally concerned about. It takes one month or two months. It still takes half a year? Let’s talk about it today. Let’s talk about it today.Talk about those things after infection with "turning yin".

Normal human body is a process of metabolism. After a bottle of white water is drunk into the body, after being used by the human body, it will soon be excreted by the body’s metabolism through urine, sweat, and feces.

Although the virus is not as good as the human body like boiled water, with the strong immunity of the human body, after killing the germs, it is time to take the virus to completely disappear in the body.

When a person is infected with the virus, it will of course become a "small Yang", and then the human body will go through a series of new crown symptoms. After surviving, the virus is almost removed by the human immune system, but it will still exist because there is nothing.The number of excessive germs, so antigen and nucleic acid may be "negative". The time from "positive" to "negative" may take 2 weeks.

However, some people will find that some people around them start to turn overcast as soon as they start in the infection, and some people will need about 2 weeks, but the more the infectiousness of the physical virus is actually slowly decreased.

Therefore, from the activity of the new crown virus, in fact, it takes about 2 weeks. The body belongs to rehabilitation, but if it is from the perspective of physical symptoms, there will still be some phenomenon in the body after turning.

For these phenomena, it can be said that the body has not been well "evidence".For example, if you have been coughing, back pain, always work hard, emotional sensitivity, etc., if the human body is infected with a new crown, it can be understood that after the infection is infectedThe state is "so thorough".

For the time of this body’s "so thorough", from the perspective of disappearance of the symptoms, in fact, the symptoms produced when everyone infects the new crown is different, and the time required for recovery is different.The new crown vaccine is vaccinated without a needle, and if a person has not been vaccinated before, the physical symptoms are different, and the time for the new crown symptoms is different.

Some people may say that if you have a vaccine in your body, you can turn over the yin quickly. In fact, maybe people have a strong physical immunity before infection, so even if there is no vaccination, it is capable of being able to have the ability to be capableResistance.

So when the body is "so thorough", the answer is like this: the time for each person’s body to recover is different, but the symptoms have completely disappeared in 2-3 months, but some people have poor physical immunity.It may take half a year, and the time for everyone to "be so thorough" is different.

It is not time to see if you have vaccination, and whether your body is "hard" enough. Finally, after the new crown is infected, how you maintain and regulate your body. This is also a question.

If you want to restore your body as soon as possible, first of all, some of the body is not the symptoms of the body. For example, if you find that you always breathe in shortness of breath, you can relieve the posture or take still.In the past, if you have been coughing, you must take drugs to relieve thirst, or go to the hospital for treatment.If the body is weak, it can shorten the time of your daily activities, or control the symptoms through the methods of eating qi and blood to avoid physical discomfort affecting your mood and life. This is not conducive to physical recovery.

In addition to maintaining the improvement of symptoms and the stability of emotions, the body needs to recover naturally that it needs nutritional support. Food must not only be rich, but also nutrition.Beans and milk supplements protein, diet light, drink plenty of water, etc., eat less wild food, this is "diet".

In addition, we must also "live in livelihood", "pay attention to keep warm", "less tie", "protection and disinfection", which means that everything is based on the premise of physical health, only to help physical health, only good for physical healthWhat happened.

All in all, if you want to be physical fast, you can just think about it alone. You are also very important for your emphasis on your body. For example, do you have any vaccine, whether you pay attention to the improvement of your body’s immunity, and after the new crown is infected, after the new crown is infected, the new crown is infected.Is there a good life and so on.Especially the elderly, children, pregnant women, and people with basic diseases, etc., they must seek medical treatment in time to avoid bringing life to avoid life.


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