After the sister -in -law was pregnant, the whole family was restless, and the truth caused me to collapse

【Emotional Notes】

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Xunzi, a military sister.In the end of the year, I couldn’t see the elder brother several times, and finally he finally died of his elder brother, but he suddenly died because of a car accident.Suddenly the bad news made the grandmother collapse.

After a year lost more than ten pounds, and occasionally everyone had no intention to mention the name of the elder brother, and she could not help but hide in tears.

The mother -in -law had lived with the elder sister. Since the death of the elder brother, the sister -in -law proposed to let her mother -in -law live with us.So her mother -in -law moved to live with us, and the sister -in -law upstairs occasionally came down to sit, but the door was often closed.

In addition to going to work, she was at home to watch TV and packed up the house.The mother -in -law proposed to let her clean up her mood, and took advantage of her young man to find a good man to marry.Every time she said, she couldn’t forget the elder brother. She felt that the elder brother was still staying in the army and still beside her …

Three years have passed like this, and my brother has not saved money for two years, and decided to return to development.So I live in my house temporarily and go out every day to find a job.

Recently, my mother -in -law whispered to me: She went out to buy vegetables, and several old ladies who sold vegetables saw the sister -in -law squatting on the side of the road to vomit and asked her daughter -in -law if she had it?My mother -in -law said she was as if she was beaten, and there was no target, how could she get pregnant!

However, her mother -in -law was suspicious, and she said that she has been paying attention to the sister -in -law these days, as if she really has it!Sleeping at home on the weekend, she did n’t go out. She was greasy, and she always did n’t eat. She still did n’t eat it.

I said to my husband at night: Xunzi may be pregnant!He suddenly said in surprise: What?How could she get pregnant!I asked my husband why he was so excited. He said no, not excited.

However, from the sixth sense of a woman, I just feel wrong.That night, I have been wondering if the sister -in -law was really pregnant and whose child was pregnant.

The next day, I decided to follow the sister -in -law. The sister -in -law went out early. When I went out, I did n’t know who to give a phone call at the bus station, and then she did n’t get on the car when the car came.After more than ten minutes, I found that my brother ran up and fire, and the scene that I didn’t expect to find it actually found that he actually held my sister -in -law’s hand!Then he helped her get into the car.

I discovered this secret, and I was restless all day, and I always advised myself to misunderstand them.

At night, when my brother got off work, I found an excuse to go shopping in the supermarket and pulled my brother to accompany me.On the way, I asked him: Did you talk recently?He smiled and said: No, how can you talk about the object, just found a job, his career is unstable …

However, I saw you and my sister -in -law holding hands to work this morning … My brother heard me say this, and said very excitedly: Did your brother -in -law tell you?Why is he like this?

What?My husband knew about this long ago. How many things do you have to hide from me?I’m so angry.My brother admitted to me that he said that he fell in love with my sister -in -law, and the sister -in -law was pregnant with his child. He said he wanted to marry her …

My younger brother reads college. How can he marry a second marriage woman and how can he marry a woman who is ten years older than him? My parents can’t accept it!Will he be destroyed in my sister -in -law’s life in his life?

I resolutely disagree, my mother -in -law disagreed, what should I do?Her husband also admitted that he knew about it for a long time. He said that as long as they really love each other, they can get married.But I can’t accept it, what should I do?

Analysis of Wutong listening to rain:

Everyone has the right to choose the marriage they want.Therefore, you don’t need to excessively stop them from being together.

Whether your brother and your sister -in -law really love each other, time is the best weapon that can test the true heart.As a sister, you should help your brother analyze the character of Xunzi together and whether they get along with each other.

Give this to your parents to make a decision, you don’t need to participate excessively.Furthermore, whether they can get into the marriage, there are still many things to test them.

The emotional prescription that Wutong listens to the rain:

1. First of all, I persuaded the sister -in -law to go to the hospital to check whether it was really pregnant.

2. Here this incident to his brother to handle himself, and he has the right to choose his own life.

3. Regardless of whether they finally get married, you should respect their choices.

4, live your own life, don’t stop them from being together.

5. Listen to their parents’ opinions, let them choose themselves, and admit the consequences themselves.

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