After the woman was pregnant, she was arrested in the middle of the night, and she claimed 100,000 yuan with her boyfriend

Xiao Jin said that you are pregnant with a happy event. As a result, you’re derailed. How can you be together?Xiao Hu said how I knew what you thought, and I didn’t send me a message for a few days. He said that he called his girlfriend Xiao Hu at 2:30 in the morning that night, but it was a strange man who answered the phone …

What happened between this couple?Is Xiao Hu really doing something sorry for her boyfriend after pregnancy?

All this has to start with Xiao Hu’s help. She is wronged and said that she is pregnant, but her boyfriend does not want her now. She said that she has been pregnant for more than three months.Xiao Ti said that because Cai Li didn’t talk, he asked himself to kill his child.

The mediationman asked, how can you not talk about it and how much do you want?How much does he give?Xiao Hu said that he wanted 100,000 yuan, but their family did not pay this money. They had been talking about it for half a year before, but what made her really did not expect that her boyfriend was unwilling to get these 100,000 yuan gifts.At the point, now I don’t care about her.

In order to clarify the truth of the matter, the reporter followed Xiao Hu to her boyfriend Xiaojin’s family, but no one was at home. After the next door heard the intention, a stomach said to the mediation staff.It’s about to give birth, I want her boyfriend’s house to give her 100,000 yuan, there is no room for discussing.

I said that according to the local customs, let’s talk about it for a while, this has nothing to directly ask for money, just like doing business. In addition, Xiao Jinjia has just finished building the house.How long will you say goodbye.

At this time, the Xiaojin family rushed back when she heard the wind. As soon as Xiao Jin sat down, he said to the mediator, why don’t she want her?She knew herself, saying that she wanted to put a recording, which was a recording of the two quarreling. The beginning of the beginning …

Xiao Hu explained that she was not derailed. That night she didn’t be with that man. The man was her friend’s friend. Her mobile phone was just in his hands. He heard that Xiao Jin was not light and said that in the early morning, he said that in the early morningAt half past two, a woman’s mobile phone will be in the hands of a man, and she explains her own explanation.

Xiao Hu suddenly said that it was her boyfriend, and the two knew earlier than Xiao Jin. Xiao Jin said that if he knew that she would have a boyfriend, he would not touch her at all. He contacted her because the two people had loved before and had emotional affection.The mediation staff is very puzzled. Since Xiao Hu had a boyfriend at the beginning, why should he be with Xiao Jin?Xiao Jin has always felt that he was a spare tire.

But since the incident has already happened, Xiao Hu has no choice but to say that if the Xiao Jin family can get a gift of 100,000 yuan, she is still willing to marry Xiao Jin, but Xiao Jin disagrees very much. She said that as a woman, the basic morality is to be a basic morality.Yes, he was unwilling to do this grievance.

However, the mediator said that since this is the case, after all, Xiao Hu is also pregnant. There must always be a solution. Xiao Jinyu said that actually more than 20 days ago, Xiao Hu had been here once. At that time, the two parties discussed this issue.Because the two could not be together, they wanted to kill the child.

At that time, it was decided to give Xiaohu 5,000 yuan as the cost of induction of labor, and Xiao Hu also wrote a guarantee at the time. After the commitment was promised, the two sides were irrelevant to each other and said that they also read the promise of the mediators at the time.So far, what the Jin family didn’t expect was that Xiao Hu operated did not do it, and the money didn’t know where to get.

Xiao Hu admitted to this that there was this agreement at the beginning, and he also received these 5,000 yuan, but the money was not enough. Just check the body and the money is gone.But Xiao Hu stopped saying much.

At this point, the mediator also felt that the two sides could not be returned to it. Ask Xiao Hu what requirements are now, and it can be said that if the boyfriend’s family is willing to come up with a 100,000 color gift, she is still willing to marry.If you are willing to get it, you have to compensate her, mental loss, and physical damage.

Xiao Jin stated on the spot that he could not go to Xiao Hu now. Xiao Hu said that he was killed and gave her a compensation fee of 20,000 yuan.Yes, but the 5,000 yuan given before.

The mediation officer was passed on to Xiao Hu, Xiao Hu said that he had just said that it was 50,000 yuan, a lot of points, and he couldn’t open his mouth, asking if she was these 5,000, and gave her 20,000 yuan.Xiao Hu nodded, but the man was unwilling, and the two sides kept arguing because of these 5,000 yuan.

The mediation officer pulled the man aside, saying that there were not many more than five thousand, and it was not bad. The problem now is to quickly solve the problem. It is the most important thing. After listening to the Jin family, they finally agreed.

Under the testimony of the mediator, the two reached an agreement of 20,000 yuan. The man gave a compensation for Xiaohu 20,000 yuan. Xiaohu went to the hospital to kill the child. Since thenhead.

However, the mediation staff still reminds Xiao Hu that as a woman, she must be self -reliance, and to treat feelings cannot be so casual. After all, the reputation of girls is still very important in this society. Xiao Hu just shed tears and nodded after hearing it.

This Xiao Hu’s approach is really hard to say. Is it riding a donkey to find a horse?As a woman, in the absence of a boyfriend, he even secretly interacted with Hu Hu. After having a child, he did not take care of it. He even went to find a boyfriend. This approach was really unprecedented and unheard of.Intersection

Xiao Jin is a understanding person. After learning about Xiao Hu, he said that he would not want her anything. He also wanted to ask for more than 100,000 pieces of gifts. It is estimated that if you find money, you won’t ask him.Respect you so that you can have a good destination. As a result, it is like this now, and I don’t know if Xiaohu will be changed in the future.

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