After three months of pregnancy, the post -95s have no abortion after pregnancy. Doctors: Do not eat the lack of folic acid in the staple food and cause

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In 1995, Lin Na was tall and beautiful since she was a child. When she was in college, she was dug by scouts as models, and models needed to maintain their figure, so Lin Na lost weight all year round.”Zero plan”

The main way to lose weight in Liman is rarely eating staple foods, often eating fruit salads, or some high -protein meat.

Lin Na also met many high -end people for professional reasons, and later married a rich second generation.The conditions in the rich second -generation family are better. After Lin Na got married, she quit her model circle, and Lin Na’s long -term formation habits have not been adjusted. In addition, when her husband pursues her, she actually likes her figure, so she still keeps still keeps maintaining herEat the food habits of staple staples.

After getting married, Lin Na started to prepare for pregnancy. After all, the habit of the husband family is to have more than three children. After all, the family is great!

I was pregnant with the child three months for three months, and the two couples were very happy, but the happiness had not yet passed. By 11 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor said that the child could not be because it was brainless, because there was no brain, it was a brain, and there was no brain.The child’s brain is not well developed. Even if the child is lucky, the IQ will be affected.

Lin Na feels unacceptable. Why can others give birth to a healthy child, but she will have such a situation when she is pregnant?

The doctor told her after understanding Lin Na’s situation in detail that the brainless child was mainly a problem with the development of the fetal nervous system, and the most common reason was that folic acid was lacking.

Because Lin Na’s previous eating habits are rarely eating staple foods, staple food is also the main source of our daily folic acid. I often do not eat staple foods. In addition, I usually eat less.Eating will lead to serious folic acid in your body and affect the nerve development of the fetus.

Later, after the doctor asked Lin Na to perform abortion, she gave Lin Na a detailed full -body examination, and said that there were no big problems in the body, that is, the absorption of folic acid was a bit bad.Two folic acid prepare for pregnancy.The doctor also reminded that folic acid must remember to eat every day.

After listening to the doctor’s words, Lin Na came down. After returning home to adjust her body, she started to supplement folic acid. The doctor suggested that she eats two a day. Lin Na is worried that she can’t remember, so she sets up alarm clock to remind.Two folic acid.

Folic acid carrying and providing a carbon unit is the main raw material for synthetic nerve sheath and neurotransmitters.

Therefore, once lack of folic acid, it is easy to cause problems with the development of fetal nervous system.

You need to know that our body is regulated by nerves. Once there is a problem with nerve, it is difficult for children to survive.

Mom can go to the local maternal and children’s health hospital when preparing for pregnancy, or community hospitals to get half a year of folic acid. Start eating 400 grams of folic acid every day in the first three months of pregnancy, and after pregnancy, you should insist on eating 400 micrograms per day after pregnancy.Folic acid.

If your mother has been pregnant with a child who has been pregnant, it is recommended to supplement 800 micrograms of folic acid every day to be more secure.

Lin Na starts to replenish folic acid every day under the alarm reminder, and slowly adjusts her diet. She also eats staple foods in three meals a day. After half a year, she will be pregnant with the second child.During the B -ultrasound, the doctor said that the child was healthy, and Lin Na couldn’t help but breathe, and the big stones in his heart put it down.

In addition, Lin Na also went to the pregnant mother’s nutritional class during pregnancy. She learned a lot of nutritional recipes during pregnancy and often changed her tricks to make recipes for herself.

I also often listen to prenatal education music. Every time I feel bad, I start to listen to prenatal education music. I also invited the yoga teacher during pregnancy to guide my yoga.

Therefore, when Lin Nahuai was the second child, every time she went to the birth check, the doctor said that she was healthy in all aspects. After her birth in October, Lin Na gave birth to a white fat son, and her mother -in -law rewarded her a house.

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