alert!Another example of eating lychee causes poisoning

Right now is the season when litchi is listed in large quantities

People who like lychee have a blessing again

In Guangdong

Litchi makes people "love and hate"

The flesh is crispy and sweet

No one or not love

But "one litchi three fires"

Eat too much and it is easy to get hot


May also suffer from "litchi disease"!


There was an example in Hunan

Cases of poisoning caused by eating lychee

Eating lychee on an empty stomach causes poisoning!

Recently, another case of poisoning caused by eating litchi in Changsha Fourth Hospital in Hunan.On June 12, Xiaomei (pseudonym), a nursing nurse at the Fourth Hospital of Changsha City, Hunan Province, suddenly sweated, pale, dizzy, and almost fell to the ground.After investigation, her blood glucose results showed that only 2.1 mmol/L (the normal value of an aconite of an empty stomach was 3.9 to 6.1 mmol/L).

Shasha, Director of the General Medicine Department of Changsha Fourth Hospital in Hunan, carefully asked about it. It turned out that a large number of fresh litchi was launched recently. She bought 3 pounds of fresh lychee downstairs the night before, and she ate it all night.Until the next day, she did not eat other foods, which caused her to suffer from "litchi disease".

This situation is not a case

It happens from time to time

"Litchi disease" is mainly manifested as hypoglycemia

The essence of "litchi disease" is a kind of hypoglycemia.Litchi is rich in fructose, glucose and sucrose, so after eating lychee, blood sugar will rise rapidly.At this time, the brain will command the pancreas, secrete a large amount of reactive insulin in the human body, and reduce the blood sugar indicators.Insulin through glucose in the body, the glucose in our body is reduced, but at this time, the fructose has not had time to convert to glucose to supplement blood sugar, which will cause the blood sugar to decrease sharply, which will occur in "litchi disease".

Because children aged 4-12 years old have not yet been perfected, the diseased groups of "litchi disease" are mostly children. Children’s digestion and blood glucose regulation have worse than adults. Therefore, "litchi disease" appears after eating a large number of lychee in a short time.The symptoms are more obvious.

Clinically, the symptoms of hypoglycemia in "lychee disease" are dizziness, soft hands and feet, panic, sweating and other symptoms, which can also cause shock.

If you have cold sweat, dizziness, fatigue, pale complexion, and cold hands and feet after eating lychee, it may be suffering from "litchi disease". It is recommended to replenish sugar water to correct the symptoms of hypoglycemia in time.Recently, medical institutions have been visited.

Don’t eat on an empty stomach in lychee

"Three hundred litchi in the sun" will not only lead to "litchi disease", but also lead to "getting angry".

Li Wangen, director of the Department of Endocrinology of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, introduced that people with oral ulcers, constipation, and blood sugar problems do not recommend eating litchi; do not eat litchi in an empty stomach.Most of the people who occur in clinical (caused by litchi), most of them have eaten lychee of more than six or two, or even more.So the conservative suggestion is to eat litchi for more than half a catty at a time.

Zheng Shuili, deputy chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhanjiang Central People’s Hospital, introduced that in order to effectively prevent "litchi disease", it is best to enjoy litchi half an hour after meals.People with problems such as diabetes and digestive diseases should eat less lychee and try to choose mature lychee.Immature lychee contains toxic ingredients, such as glycine A and Asian armor -based rings. These ingredients will interfere with the ability of the human body to generate glucose, which will cause blood sugar to decrease.

Except litchi

Eating these fruits in summer should also pay attention

It is very likely that "fruit disease" is very likely to eat wrong



Yangmei is a fruitful fruit.People with poor digestion, excessive gastric acid, and gastroesophageal flow, such as eating too much bayberry at a time, not only cannot achieve the effect of "stopping diarrhea", but also stimulate the stomach and stimulate the stomach and make people "diarrhea".At the same time, people with toothache should not eat more, and pregnant women should also control it appropriately.

Suggestion: Bayberry is not resistant to storage. It is easy to deteriorate and has alcoholic taste. It should be placed in a cool place in ventilation. It is best to put it in the refrigerator.When eating bayberry, it is best to soak in salt water for 10 ~ 20 minutes.



Pineapple contains two main allergens: pineapple protease and glycoside.If it is allergic to pineapple, it may occur in allergic symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, itching, especially children with poor immunity development and delicate skin, which is more likely to cause allergies.

Suggestion: People who have been confirmed to be allergic to pineapple should not eat.If fainting should be sent to the hospital in time, mild allergies are orally anti -allergic drugs under the guidance of a doctor.



Mango contains fruit acids, amino acids, proteins, lacquetols, scalpenols, and immature mango. Aldehyde is potential allergen.After eating or contacting mango, some people will have red lips, swollen, swollen, itchy throat, rash on their faces and limbs, and can be accompanied by mild edema. Some people also have abdominal pain and diarrhea. This is often the mango disease.

Suggestion: For people who are allergic to mango, you can try to cut mango into small pieces and directly enter the mouth to avoid staining your lip skin or using a mango juice with a mango juice.If allergic symptoms occur, stop consumption immediately, and take a timely treatment. At the same time, avoid washing hot water and soap to avoid irritating foods.

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