alert!It was not a menstrual period, but suddenly bleeding below, I went to the hospital for examination and found out

Women at all stages may be troubled by "abnormal bleeding in private parts":

As soon as the holiday is over, why bleed again?

After the same room, what should I do?

In early pregnancy, bleeding, do you want to see a doctor?

There are basic diseases and cervical diseases, and the private parts are bleeding suddenly. Is it a disease?

After half a year of menopause, is the bleeding of private parts? Is it gynecological cancer?

In any case, everyone will be panicked when they see abnormal bleeding in their private parts, fearing that they will have a serious illness, and they will even be sick.

But in fact, everyone’s concerns are normal.Successive bleeding in private parts, more diseased diseases:

Pregnancy/abortion/extrateripullet of uterine fibroids, endometrial cancer and cervical cancer cervicitis, cervical polyps ovarian disease …

Each one will seriously affect our health. If it is not standardized or treated, it may lead to more serious diseases in the uterus, cervix, ovarian and other parts.


The aunt is postponed, but the private parts have bleeding

At this time, you must first consider whether you are pregnant!

Because in the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo has not been stable, and a small amount of bleeding is normal.

If the amount of bleeding is relatively large and lasts for several days, we must be more alert to pregnancy -related diseases, such as:


Not only will menopause, but also disgusting to vomit. The waist is sore and swollen. From time to time, a burst of swelling and pain came from the lower abdomen.

Ectopic pregnancy

Typical symptoms are menopause, abdominal pain, and bleeding in private.However, some younger sisters have ectopic pregnancy and will not discontinue menstruation. At the same time, there are also non -menstrual bleeding.


The aunt didn’t come to see you anymore, and also felt severe nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, and no appetite, etc., accompanied by a constant abnormal private bleeding.


Bleeding after popping

This situation is generally blood. Sisters with this situation, you are likely to be wrapped in inflammation or tumor in unknowingly!

Bleeding caused by inflammation

For example, common vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical polyps, etc., when the pop -up collision and friction are repeatedly collided, it is easy to cause bleeding, or the bloodshot of the leucorrhea.

Generally, pink or bright red, at the same time, the leucorrhea will become more and the color becomes yellow.

And if it is endometritis, fallopian tubeitis, etc., you will see dark red bleeding, and the texture is blood -like.Accompanied by symptoms such as leucorrhea, pain in lower abdomen, pain, waist pain and other symptoms.

Bleeding caused by tumor

When our genitals have tumors, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors, cervical cancer, etc. are also a more common cause of bleeding.

The amount of bleeding starts is relatively small. There will be bright red bleeding after the leucorrhea is mixed with bloodshot in the leucorrhea, or there will be a bright red bleeding.

In the late disease, it is mostly irregular bleeding, and the amount of blood will gradually increase.

If the above symptoms appear, the help signal of the body is likely to be issued, and everyone needs to attract attention.

In any case, when you find abnormal bleeding in the private parts, you must knock yourself alarm, raise your vigilance, go to the hospital to consult the doctor in time, do a good job of examination and treatment, and use scientific methods to love yourself.

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