Already menopause, can I still have a second child?The 74 -year -old lady used experience to give us answers to answer

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Some netizens left a message in the background: It’s almost sixty now, and they have been menopause. Can you still have another child?

I thought recently, a 74 -year -old woman broke the world record and became the largest mother in the world in the world.

This old lady was India. After menopause, she bought eggs to become a mother through IVF.

In September, she gave birth to twin sisters, but she lived in the ICU herself, and her 78 -year -old husband also lived in the ICU that day.

When many people are amazed, they are also saying: This is older, and there is no way to take care of and raising them after giving birth to children. Why make them suffer in the world?

This will make people very puzzled. Why are you getting older? Instead, the more you want children?There are about the following reasons:

1. I hope that there is a continuation of life, I don’t want others to say gossip

Just like that Indian lady, after giving birth to twins, I will feel emotional: I won’t say that I can’t give birth in the future!

Those who do not have children will pay more attention to those "rumors" when they are young.

Of course, there is also hope that your life can be continued, can stay in this world, and keep spreading down.

2. I hope to leave a companion for Dabao

Many people want to leave a companion for Dabao, especially when they are getting older, they feel that if they leave one day, leaving children alone in this world, too sad.

So I want to have a two treasures. After a hundred years of myself and my wife, there are individuals who can take care of Dabao.

3. I miss the feelings when raising Dabao

Other people are missing the feelings when they were born with children, and they also liked little babies very much.

Some Baoma complained that her mother -in -law was good like her mother, and she even feeds her children with her chest.

This is because the age is old and eager to accompany loved ones. The newborn baby can meet this demand too much.

If you really want your child for the above reasons, I don’t recommend everyone to have children. After all, the following aspects are too cruel to put in real life.

Netizens asked in the message: For many years, can I have another baby after sixty?

From the body, after menopause, it does not mean that it will not ovulate.

However, 5-10 years of menopause, occasionally developing follicles, theoretically, is possible to get pregnant.

However, starting from the actual situation of life, I have to consider these issues:

1. Whether the body can withstand

As mentioned above, after menopause, follicle development will be developed.But in actual operation, in order to stimulate follicular development, women must bear great pain.

Not only the 74 -year -old lady above the ICU, but also a lot of problems with the older pregnant mothers, which were first aid on their way to birth.

When many older women have baby, the probability of physical problems is greater than those who are suitable for childbearing, so they must first consider their physical reasons.

2. Do family members agree

If you want to have children at this age, it is necessary to solicit the consent of the whole family.

After all, getting older and bigger, the body may be worse after giving birth to a baby, and there are children who need to take care of them. All of them must be taken to everyone else in the family.

If the family disagrees and collapses, the baby will collapse before and after the birth of the baby.

3. Do you have energy and money to raise your children

There is also to think about whether you have energy and money to raise your big children.

Listening to a friend before, her colleague’s mother gave birth to a second child. As a result, Erbao’s food and dances, and the interest class in school, all depended on this colleague to pay money.Little girl on campus.

If the child is unable to raise it, it is very unfortunate to himself and the future children.

It is normal to want a child when you are old.

However, if the body and family situation is really not allowed, maybe not give birth to a baby, be responsible for yourself, family and babies.

No one can be compared with the strength and courage of mothers, but don’t make strength and courage become stubborn.

Under this stubbornness, the price is the happiness of its own body, family, and the happiness of future babies, which is not worth it.

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