An artificial abortion induces the uterine cavity adhesion of Guangzhou doctors tailor -made pregnancy preparation plans

The uterus is the "soil" and the "room" of healthy growth of the baby in bed. The uterine cavity adhesion caused by various reasons such as artificial abortion, uterine cavity surgery, infection,Seeds cannot germinate, which seriously affects the pregnancy rate.

Ms. Li (pseudonym) is 33 years old. Four years ago, she was pregnant because of her accident, but the men and women were not ready to get married.After surgery, her monthly menstrual flow was significantly reduced, and the duration of menstruation ended in only 2-3 days.Because of the busy work, Ms. Li did not pay attention to it.

One year later, Ms. Li completed a wedding event, but she failed to get pregnant successfully in the next three years.Seeing her girlfriend completed the "second child" mission, she was determined to come to the gynecology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University.

Director Shen Yuan arranged an ultrasound test for Ms. Li, and the results showed that her endometrium was thin.After a detailed consultation of the patient’s medical history, Shen Yuan stated that according to the current situation, the possibility of uterine cavity adhesion is high. It is recommended that hysteroscopic examinations.

Sure enough, during the examination, the muscle adhesion of Ms. Li’s cavity was found in the examination, the left uterine corner disappeared, and the surface of the fallopian tube opening was blocked.Shen Yuan immediately arranged for the patient to be admitted to the hospital and arranged surgery for the patient. The uterine cavity adhesion was finely separated during hysteroscopy.After the menstrual tide was cleaned next time, the hysteroscope examination showed the normal uterine cavity.The tailor -made individualized pregnancy preparation scheme smoothly allow the endometrium to grow to 9mm. Ms. Li, a natural pregnancy for more than 3 months after surgery, and delivery after more than 9 months.

Shen Yuan pointed out that the uterine cavity adhesion is the most obvious and severe symptom of female infertility.If there is a uterine cavity adhesion, the endometrium will be damaged, the volume of the uterus will decrease, affecting the normal embryo, eventually causing infertility, or abortion after conception.

"Women of childbearing age must implement contraceptive measures, and do not take a high probability of" recruiting "contraceptive measures such as safe period contraception and in vitro exclusion.The contraceptive method is avoided by accidental abortion. "Shen Yuan emphasized that if female friends do need to perform surgery of uterine cavity, we must choose a regular medical institution for perception. Rich medical experience is a necessary condition to avoid adverse consequences.

(Responsible editor: Family Medical Online Correspondent: Huang Chenling, Zhang Cancheng)

Source: Family Doctor Online


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