An example after half a year of lost menstruation

Liu, 46 years old, died of drowning in the second grade of his son’s university.It has been engraved with menstruation for half a year.I want Chinese medicine to condition again.His husband was just retired at the age of 60, and he wanted to renew the incense very strongly.His wife was okay to let it go, and he could not conceive for half a year.

Although sympathized with each other, I have never encountered menopause and came to ask for a son.There is no bottom in my heart.

Six hormones have basically reached the standards of menopause, and the endometrium thickness is 5㎜.Just tell the patient, try it, it may not be successful.Polynes, poor sleep, two stools, lighter tongue, greasy, gentle pulse.

It is proposed to relieve liver and kidney and blood circulation.


Bei Chaihu, Angelica, Angelica, Mountains, Simon, Epimedium, Wolfberry, Xiangjiazi, Zihe Car grinding and swallowing, fried horn films first, Sichuan continued, nostalgic for bonito, cooked ground yellow, system system, systemShouwu.Motherwort.

Seven doses of water decoction.

A week later, I will return to the clinic,

Patients have reported that menstruation is still in the future, with chest pain and abdominal bloating.The tongue is red, greasy, slippery.

Feeling hormone levels should have improved.

To keep the top, go to Sichuan to continue, add Dan sophisticated, Beichaihu, red peony, alcoholic, mandarin meat, silk silk, Epimedium, wolfberry, fragrant aconite, Zihe car grinding and swallowing, fried horn films first, pregnantAstronomical, cooked ground yellow, and Uerura.Motherwort.

Seven doses of water decoction.

Retarts after Monday,

The patient’s self -reported that the fifth day of the medication came from the tide of menstruation.The tongue is red, greasy, slippery.

The menstruation stops the medicine to see if it can be conceived.

Patients came again after a month and a half.

Self -prosecution, after many menstruation in the last menstruation, I was unable to conceive in the same room many times.Think about waiting for the next menstrual period to continue trying to get pregnant.As a result, menstruation delayed two weeks of future tide.Come again.At the same time, because of his old age, his husband was too old, and he could not have the same room in the same room. He could not have the same room. He had a poor effect of stewed chicken soup every day, so the two were conditioned at the same time.

Continue to take it above.

Bei Chaihu, Chi Zhi, Banli, Mandarin Meat, Simon, Epimedium, Wolfberry, Fragrant Acurais, Zihe Car grinding and swallowing, fried vertical frying, nostalgia for bonito, cooked ground yellow, and Ukraine.Yimuke, Danshen.

After half a month of conditioning, menstruation is tide.

He later asked him to get pregnant smoothly after the same room during ovulation.After many Chinese medicines, the fetus was successful.

This example is so good, which is beyond imagination.

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