Ancient doctors were said to be pseudo -department for women. What happened to Chinese medicine pregnancy testing?

Since Western Medicine was introduced to China and was widely used, some people who believed in science believe that "Chinese medicine is pseudo -science", and even Weibo celebrities and Beijing Jishoutan burns.Didn’t you say that good ancestors rely on pulse testing?Is it just that I have watched too much TV series?

Modern mothers do not believe in the accuracy of pulse pregnancy testing

"Will you get pregnancy through Chinese medicine?" There were 153 mothers in Baomu group. No matter whether the first child or the second child was pregnant, none of the mothers used Chinese medicine to diagnose whether the pulse was pregnant.Moms said that generally found that menstruation did not come, and the first reaction was to use the pregnancy test stick to detect whether it was "recruited".The pregnancy test stick is cheap and accurate, the most important thing is convenient, you can buy it in a pharmacy.Determine the recruitment and then go to the hospital for regular urine tests, build a doctor to see a doctor.

Is Chinese medicine unreliable pulse testing?


"Women are just pregnant, it is more difficult to diagnose, but it is generally easier to find out the veins in more than 3 months." Moreover, Chinese medicine requires that he is not allowed to see and ask for a shortage.I am not a doctor. As long as I look at my stomach and ask menstruation, I can also pretend to be a pulse test.

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The human body can heal about 70%of diseases.How much disease can Chinese medicine cure?I’m afraid it is within 70%, right?Traditional Chinese medicine is a god stick, and backward medicine will be eliminated, and the backward system will naturally revolutionize.

Whether you believe it or not, there is a basis for traditional Chinese medicine for pregnancy inspection!

The medical book describes the sliding veins, and the pulse of pregnancy is very cheerful and fluent, such as the beads rolled on the plate.

Deng Cong, a traditional Chinese medicine physician in Nansha Hospital of Guangzhou First People’s Hospital, said that the pregnancy through the pulse will be reflected, but there will be "errors" through the diagnosis of the pulse.Pregnancy is "eight or nine".

"It can indeed be used to diagnose whether the woman is pregnant." Deng Cong introduced, "The medical book describes the beautiful pulse, and the pulse of pregnancy is very cheerful and fluent, such as the bead rolling on the plate."

The pulse is divided into three parts: "inch pulse", "Guanli" and "ruler veins", which correspond to the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger.When a healthy pregnancy woman, when the pulse is pulled, the doctor will obviously feel that the pulse beating of the three fingers is very powerful, especially the ruler veins corresponding to the ring finger."The renal name is a household, and the renal pulse is also in the ruler, the pulse of the ruler is endless, and the law is pregnant."In this case, combined with the diagnostic methods such as "Wangwen Question", you can determine whether it is pregnant.

Women are just pregnant, which is more difficult to diagnose, but it is generally easier to find out the veins in more than 3 months.

Can the pulse diagnose pregnancy, is it currently applied clinically?

Deng Cong introduced, "Healthy women are just pregnant, which is more difficult to diagnose. As the gestational week increases, the pulse is becoming more and more obvious. Generally, it is easier to find the veins more than 3 months."The diagnosis of pregnancy with modern medicine will definitely be much safer. It is indeed a bit one -sided with the pulse image, and its accuracy rate has not been counted.

"Now rarely use the pulse diagnosis of pregnancy, but only for diagnosis and treatment of daily diseases." The suggestion that women of childbearing age should not only rely on pulse to diagnose whether they are pregnant, or they should refer to biochemical examinations to make a more clear diagnosis (urine testingIt is very convenient)."After all, through the pulse, it can only find whether it is a dead child or a living, whether there are congenital heart or genetic diseases, deformities, etc. can only be diagnosed through modern medicine."

Deng Bo also said that it can be determined at present that whether it is a Chinese medicine hospital or a Western hospital, there is no "diagnosis pulse test" in the clinical standards of pregnancy. There are 3 gold standards for pregnancy.Blood examination and ultrasonic examination.

Fetal gender can also be used for pregnancy tests in Chinese medicine

The mother is pregnant with a boy, and the pulse of the left hand is a little faster and powerful than the right hand, and the girl is a girl.

It is reported that the ancient medical book respects the "men’s left and female right" method of listening to the pulse, which is judged by comparing the pulse of both hands.For example, the mother is pregnant with a boy, and the pulse of the left hand is a little faster and powerful than the right hand, otherwise it is a girl.Some traditional Chinese medicine experts said that in traditional Chinese medicine to diagnose men and women through the pulse, they have "tried" and accurate themselves, but they will never clearly give the fetus the "male and female" fetal pulse, and the result will not tell the patient.

Many netizens are convinced of Chinese medicine.

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Talking about personal experience, the Spring Festival and his wife lived in her mother’s house.In those days, she said that she had a cold and was uncomfortable. She went to the doctor. The village doctor in the town, a young man in his thirties, said that he was pregnant and could not take medicine. My wife directly denied that there was absolutely no.Doctors do not give.After talking about it for a long time, I gave it a little, and I took it once, so I won’t eat it.After a few more days, I found that I was really pregnant.This is a real experience.Those who only slander Chinese medicine are definitely ulterior motives.

Regardless of whether you believe it, anyway, Xiaobian believes in traditional Chinese medicine.

Netizens, what do you think of traditional Chinese medicine pregnancy test?

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