Anemia has a great impact on fetal health. How to take daily care?

If a anemia woman does not pay attention to conditioning, it will definitely have a great impact on the fetus.Enough blood is an important condition for ensuring human health. If anemia, especially severe anemia, can cause nutrition of various organs to keep up with, long -term anemia, bleeding, can cause premature heartbeat, myocardial ischemia, muscle ischemia, and can cause activity.For weakness, ischemia can also cause reduced systemic resistance.

After pregnancy, one person must supply two people’s eating and drinking Lazar, and the whole body must have sufficient reserves to be supplied during pregnancy.Women with normal hemoglobin may cause physiological anemia after pregnancy. If pregnant women are already anemia before pregnancy, pregnancy and late pregnancy anemia may increase after pregnancy.Causes fetal dysplasia, premature birth, abortion, and dead tires in the palace.

The more likely to appear in anemia after pregnancy, the higher the chance of anemia.Most of the symptoms of anemia during pregnant women during pregnancy are iron deficiency anemia. If the results of the routine blood tests are low -pigment anemia for small cells, iron supplementation can be performed.Supplement vitamin B12 and folic acid.

The diet of anemia pregnant women must be balanced and sufficient. Not only should I eat more foods rich in iron, but also more vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C in vegetables and fruits can promote the full absorption of iron in food, but rapeseed, spinach, etc.The ingredients such as tannic acid, phosphate, and oxalic acid in vegetables will affect the absorption of iron. We can use boiling water to destroy the oxalic acid with boiling water before cooking.

The demand for iron with anemia for iron can be said to be very large. Usually we recommend that oral iron supplementation. The demand for iron in the early pregnancy is not very large. You can take iron doses after 3 months of pregnancy. Of course, pregnancy is pregnant. Of course, pregnancy is pregnant. Of courseDuring pregnancy, you must also adhere to folic acid. Folic acid can not only prevent fetal malformations, but also help prevent anemia.

If you have anemia during pregnancy, you must not be ignored, and active treatment and nursing are needed.Do not worry too much about various questions during pregnancy. Please pay attention to the topic of "Beauty Pharmacists with You Health" to pay attention to the topic of pregnancy and parenting health.

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