Anglelababy, Lin Xinru, and Yao Chen are all dressing up during pregnancy. What are they using?

Regarding the problem of pregnancy and makeup, Yao Chen, who had given birth to the second child, had the most right to speak, because Yao Chen had makeup during pregnancy, not only attending the event but also shooting magazines and photos.

In addition, many female artists are married with pregnancy.

But those who really leave the topic are Anglelababy. Not only did she get pregnant and makeup to attend the event, but also filmed, which caused netizens to think that they were found surrogacy …

It seems that celebrities have been made of makeup during pregnancy, and babies born of others are still healthy and soft.Many pregnant mothers should have doubts. Can I make up in my pregnancy?

In fact, most of the micro -ingredients contained in makeup can only stay in the epidermis, and it is difficult to be "eaten" by the skin. It is said that penetration into the uterus will hurt the baby.As long as you avoid some taboos of pregnant women, makeup during pregnancy is completely OK.Of course, the first choice of "spiceless, pigment -free, non -vulnerable to allergenic preservatives" to ensure that pregnant mothers can enjoy the entire pregnancy during pregnancy and safely during pregnancy.

However, when you are pregnant, you are more carefully studying the ingredients of skin care products than usual.Several scores that need to be vigilant are:

Class A component

I have written this before that vitamin A acid is a elixir for acne, but it must be stopped for half a year before pregnancy. Because it increases the risk of fetal teratogenic, it is definitely avoided.It is also sour, which is also unfavorable to the fetus.In short, my experience is that everyone must be vigilant.


It is also treating acne. In short, try to avoid using functional skin care products such as acne, whitening, and anti -aging.


Alpha-Hydroxy Acids is what we call fruit acid. Everyone must remember that all ingredients that peel off the skin’s keratin are not possible.Therefore, don’t use skin changing products anymore.


Needless to say, even ordinary people should not use it more, let alone pregnant women.

Essential oil

Many mothers now like to use essential oils, but as far as I know, many essential oil components are not suitable for pregnant women, especially mothers in the early pregnancy.So try to avoid it.

Here we want to give you a cognitive misunderstanding of two pregnancy makeup

Misunderstanding 1: Pregnant makeup will cause fetal malformations?

The traditional Chinese statement is that pregnant women make makeup during pregnancy and can easily lead to fetal malformations. In fact, this possibility is less likely.Among all birth defects, the defects caused by chemicals and drugs only account for only about 1%. Among them, the proportion of makeup caused by pregnant women is smaller.Generally speaking, occasional adverse contacts will not increase the probability of birth defects.

After all, cosmetics are mainly applied to the skin surface, and the amount of absorption through the skin is limited.Professional exposure to the adverse risk of birth defects and the abnormalities that cause fetal malformations, such as staff of chemical plants, makeup artists who are exposed to cosmetics every day.

Misunderstanding 2: Need to terminate pregnancy during pregnancy?

Some families are particularly sensitive to pregnancy.Some pregnant women use cosmetics or contact chemicals without knowing their pregnancy, and they are required to terminate pregnancy. This cognition is too extreme.Many fetal malformations and defects need to be slowly manifested in the growth and development of the fetus in order to diagnose. Therefore, the pregnancy cannot be stopped blindly because of the makeup.

Precautions for makeup during pregnancy

妆 Try to shorten makeup time, and makeup remover must be thorough.

的 Choose a trusted cosmetics brand and manufacturer to prevent inferior "three none" products, because the ingredients contain are uncertain.Try to avoid using eye shadow and lipstick with strong color power, because these products may contain heavy metals such as lead.

膏 Do not use inferior lipstick, which contain heavy metal dyes; even if it is relatively safe lipstick red, you must wipe off your lipstick when you eat to avoid "the disease enters from the mouth".

不 The perm is not used or useless as much as possible.Because hair dye may contain carcinogenic ingredients, pay more attention during pregnancy.

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