Anhui man caused mother and daughter to become pregnant together, and her daughter cried and regretted: It was my impulse fault!

The mother and daughter even fell in love with a man at the same time, and also conceived the man’s child.Such a destruction of the three views occurred in Anhui in the 1990s.

After falling in love with his mother’s boyfriend and conceived his child, Xu Zhenzhen even thanked him for death.When the mother saw her daughter committed suicide, she killed her boyfriend in anger.What kind of man is this, can the mother and daughter be fascinated by the mother and daughter?

Wang Jiaying was born in a small town in Anhui.The father opened a fire paper field himself, and the family’s life was very rich.Wang Jiaying also has a brother.

In the last century, there were always some thoughts of men and women, but the father was different from others.Instead of the prince, the father did not focus on the male and female, but also loved her daughter.

Under the love of his parents, Wang Jiaying did not suffer much, and he was not attentive to learning.After finishing the junior high school, Wang Jiaying went to the fire paper farm at home to help.Wang Jiaying, a young age, has a good master to do business.

When the father, when his daughter had a good business, he handed over the fire paper farm to Wang Jiaying to take care of it.Seeing that her daughter was getting older, but she was not a target, and the father was anxious.

After arranging a number of blind dates and being rejected for her daughter, the father also decided not to intervene in her daughter’s marriage.Soon after, her daughter was with a worker Xu of the Wang family manufacturing plant.

Although the father was quite disagreed with this family affairs, her daughter liked it, and the father could only agree with the scalp and agreed with the family relationship.In order to protect her daughter, the prince gave Wang Jiaying a lot of dowry.

Xu also opened his own paper factory by relying on these dowry and smart wives.Soon after, the two also gave birth to a daughter named Xu Zhenzhen.The business of the paper mill is getting better and better, and Xu has made more and more money.

At the same time, he became more and more greedy.There are more and more business in paper factories, and Xu has less and less frequently returned home on the grounds of accompanying customers.Wang Jiaying saw her husband busy working all day and rarely went home.

I thought of taking care of Xu in the house they bought in the town.But when she took her daughter to the new house, she saw a beautiful and sexy woman lying on her bed.

Wang Jiaying is not a fool. She understands that this is Xu’s derailment.Wang Jiaying, who had been strong since childhood, couldn’t swallow this breath, and filed a divorce with Xu.In the face of his wife’s divorce, Xu not only did not feel guilty.

Instead, I was shamelessly named the husband and wife’s common property, asking Wang Jiaying to divide half of himself to himself.But this paper factory was invested by Wang Jiaying’s dowry.In order to stay away from the scum man, Wang Jiaying quickly agreed with Xu’s request.

After the divorce, Wang Jiaying was immersed in the pain of divorce, and he had no intention of cooking his own paper mill.The business of the paper mill has plummeted.Because of a fire, all the raw materials in the paper factory were burned.

Not only was the paper mill, Wang Jiaying also carried many foreign debt.Wang Jiaying sold all the equipment in the paper mill, but the money was just a lot of money.

Wang Jiaying wanted to commit suicide a few times, but when she saw her young daughter, she couldn’t bear to throw her daughter in the world.She could only grit her teeth and work hard.

At this time, there was a man in Wang Jiaying’s house, and the man changed the fate of their mother and daughter.When Wang Jiaying was distressed by foreign debt, Liu Changhe, a businessman who acquired konjac, appeared in Wang Jiaying’s house.

At the beginning, Wang Jiaying thought that the man was a debt, and he thought about how to make the other party be limited for a long time.Unexpectedly, Liu Changhe wanted to plant konjac with her.

The bamboo hemp burned by the fire has all become bambooal ash, which is a good fertilizer for planting konjac!That’s why Liu Changhe came to visit Wang Jiaying.Wang Jiaying listened to Liu Changhe’s proposal, and agreed without thinking.

After all, Wang Jiaying at this time owed a debt of her buttocks, and there was no way to leave.Wang Jiaying thought about the dead horse as a live horse doctor. What if the investment was successful?

Liu Changhe has a lot of insights on the planting of konjac. Under his supervision, konjac grows very strong.Wang Jiaying once again took out the momentum of his strong woman and managed the planting field of the two.

Wang Jiaying relied on the cultivation of konjac to pay all the foreign debt, and he also made a lot of money.Liu Changhe is a single man, and Wang Jiaying is a single mother. The long -term getting along has made the two ambiguous to each other and became a couple.

After determining the relationship, Liu Changhe moved to live with Wang Jiaying.For his girlfriend’s daughter, Liu Changhe also loves it.But Xu Zhenzhen has lacked his father’s love since he was a child.

Liu Changhe’s love for her made Xu Zhenzhen have different emotions to Chinese men.She fell in love with this man who is about to become his stepfather.

Watching my mother and Liu Changhe Qingqing me in front of him all day, Xu Zhenzhen was very sad.One day, Wang Jiaying failed to go home because of the matter.And Liu Changhe entertained outside and returned home drunk.

Watching the beloved man was lying on the bed, Xu Zhenzhen made a decision to regret her.She had a relationship with Liu Changhe while Liu Changhe was drunk.Liu Changhe, who woke up the next day, was surprised at watching Xu Zhenzhen beside him.

And Xu Zhenzhen did not hide, and entrusted himself to Liu Changhe.But Liu Changhe really likes Wang Jiaying and does not want to be separated from Wang Jiaying, so he begged Xu Zhenzhen to conceal the matter.

Xu Zhenzhen also understands that his approach is to push the two to the abyss.Since then, the two have closed their mouths.Soon after, Wang Jiaying was pregnant.Liu Changhe learned that this was very happy, and immediately proposed to his girlfriend.

A few days before the two married, Xu Zhenzhen was surprised to find that he was also pregnant.Xu Zhenzhen felt that he was sorry for his mother, so he told Wang Jiaying about what happened with Liu Changhe.

The daughter’s child is a fiance.This answer made Wang Jiaying unacceptable.But what happened next made her more difficult to accept.After Xu Zhenzhen said everything, he took out the poisons he had prepared and drank it.

Watching her daughter died in front of herself, Wang Jiaying collapsed.Angry made her lose her mind.She picked up the hoe in the house, killed Liu Changhe, and then went to the hospital for abortion surgery.

After everything was done, Wang Jiaying walked into the police station.Because Wang Jiaying has surrendered, he can appropriately reduce the punishment.In the end, Wang Jiaying was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The impact of the harm of native families on children is too great.If it wasn’t for Xu Zhenzhen’s lack of father’s love since she was a child, she would not have malformed feelings for the stepfather, then this tragedy would not happen.

When her daughter fell in love with her stepfather, she was pregnant and committed suicide. The wife took the initiative to abortion and killed her fiance. Just these words were already shocked. It is difficult to imagine that when these words become bloody real pictures, it should be desperate!

Why does the daughter in the case fall in love with his stepfather?First of all, the irresponsibility of the biological father, in the case of her daughter, disregard the moral derailment, which made her daughter Xu Zhenzhen never feel the father’s love.

Therefore, she felt that her stepfather loved her and mistakenly turned this kind of affection into love. Second, the adolescent children had not yet formed the world view and life outlook, and the correct guidance of schools and parents needed. Xu Zhenzhen not only forcibly had a relationship with his stepfather.

He also blamed all mistakes on himself, and eventually faced his mother facelessly and committed suicide.In fact, she was wrong in this matter, but Xu Zhenzhen was not maliciously grabbing his stepfather, but just because he asked for love and used the wrong way.

If she can communicate with her mother’s stepfather after the incident, and to conduct correct guidance, things may have another turn.

Wang Jiaying watched her daughter committed suicide and killed Liu Changhe under impulse. No matter what the reason, she had violated the law and needed to bear criminal responsibility.What crime does Wang Jiaying commit?

The crime of intentional homicide refers to the behavior that intentionally illegally deprives others of others.According to the development of the case and the results of the case, Wang Jiaying’s crime was intentional homicide.

Article 232 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that the death sentence, life imprisonment, or more than ten years in prison for the killing of the killing personally; those who are relatively light in the case of less than three years and less than ten years.

Wang Jiaying’s behavior belongs to the result of direct intentional homicide, knowing that the result of "the death of the victim" of "Liu Changhe’s death" will still appear, and still holds the attitude of hoping to the result.Now that she was killed intentionally, is she not to be sentenced to death because she surrender?

First of all, as long as the result of "victim death" is the result of the "victim’s death", it belongs to intentional homicide, but the different murder motivation has a certain impact on sentencing.

In the judicial interpretation, the murderer based on the murderers such as revenge and treacherousness is the normal state of killing, and it cannot be the category of heavy punishment.Therefore, although Wang Jiaying killed Liu Changhe, her purpose was based on retaliation and could not be the criterion for judging from heavy punishment.

Secondly, in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Law, the death penalty must be extremely harsh and endangered with public security.Wang Jiaying’s murder is purely private, and it does not meet the prerequisites of "bad circumstances."

So, can the life imprisonment sentenced by Wang Jiaying can be reduced?The answer is yes.Detailed imprisonment criminals can be reduced as long as they can meet the "repentance performance".

The life imprisonment is also simple and relaxed when the prison is applied. According to the relevant judicial interpretation, the life imprisonment is generally reduced to 18-20 years later. After that, the number of sentences will not be reduced again.

If Wang Jiaying in prison performs well, it will have the opportunity to reduce the sentence. How long is the specific sentence, you need to analyze it according to the situation.In this tragedy, the most guilty is Xu Zhenzhen’s biological father.

Zhang Ailing said: "If there is a child to inherit your poverty and toil, it is also a kind of kindness." Xu Zhenzhen’s father in this case does not keep the bottom line as a husband, as a father’s affection for affection, and his sin is exhausted.

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