Answer the question of netizens: What should I do if pregnant women have hemorrhoids?Remember not to use the medicine

A netizen sent me a message: I was a patient with hemorrhoids. I found that I was pregnant last month. How can pregnant women treat hemorrhoids?

How can I treat the popular science in popular science? How to treat pregnant women with hemorrhoids?

After women’s pregnancy, due to the increasing number of fetal fetuses, the uterus also becomes larger, and the internal pressure of the abdominal cavity increases. At the same time, the uterine body can also directly compress the rectal veins, which blocks the rectal vein backstream.

Chinese medicine believes that the formation of hemorrhoids is caused by local blood stasis.Women with hemorrhoids can increase their condition due to pregnancy.There can be poor bowel movements or constipation, and blood, hemorrhoids are broken or even secondary infection, and patients with external hemorrhoids and anal fissures may have severe pain. These pain can cause uncomfortable emotional wishes and affect the growth environment of the fetus.In addition, long -term blood in the stool can cause different degrees of anemia in pregnant women and affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women must be treated as soon as possible.

First of all, women who have hemorrhoids must insist on treating and controlling the condition. In severe cases, surgery and other radical surgery must be adopted, and then pregnant.

Generally, women’s diet and external use of traditional Chinese medicine smoking and washing methods after suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy are generally not suitable for surgery and stimulating greater treatment methods.

In diet, we must follow the principle of "one taboo, three less".First of all, avoid smoke and alcohol, eat less spicy foods such as pepper, green onions, ginger, garlic, etc.; eat less fried and roasted foods; foods that are less easy to digest, so as not to cause constipation and aggravate the disease.It should be promoted to eat more vegetables, fruits, especially those rich in fiber or intestinal laxative effects, such as celery, spinach, fungus, daylily, apple, banana, sesame, walnuts, etc.You can use boiling water for 5 grams each time, take it before going to bed, or eat a small amount of sesame oil. Do not use irritating laxatives such as Kaisai Lulu, fruit guide tablets, rhubarb, and diarrhea leaves, so as not to induce contractions and cause premature birth.

In addition, there are many ways to smoke the bath bath in traditional Chinese medicine.Such as wormwood leaves, pepper, locust flower, purslane, fig, and potter leaves can be used to smoke the affected area by frying water, or PP powder, or rhubarb, yellow cypress, scutellaria baicalensis, bitter ginseng, andOr once in the morning and evening, it can be received for 15 ~ 25 minutes at a time when the affected area is hot.

For the safety of the fetus and the health of pregnant women, after suffering from hemorrhoids, we must try to avoid oral or applied drug treatment as much as possible, and advocate diet regulation and intermittent traditional Chinese medicine.

Pregnant women should be very careful and pay attention to.Mistration, abuse of drugs, or contact with some chemicals and rays may cause fetal malformation or even abortion.

Pay attention to the use of gynecological medication during pregnancy during pregnancy: promoting blood circulation and qi, attacking, fragrant, hot and toxic.It may cause abortion.

Western medicine should pay attention to the use of hormones, some teratogenic antibiotics (tetracycline) and anti -tumor drugs.These may cause children to develop problems and have some congenital diseases.

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