Apricot Micro Popular science experts will take you to know hawthorn!

1. The source of hawthorn

This product is red in the Rosaceae plant mountain. Or the mature fruit of hawthorn.

2. Sexual functions of hawthorn

Hawthorn is sour, sweet, and slightly warm.Returning the spleen, stomach, and liver meridian.It has the function of eliminating healthy stomach, moving qi and dispersing stasis, turbidity and lowering fat.It is used for meat stagnation, full of stomach bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, blood stasis meridians, postpartum stasis, stretching of the heart, heart pain, and hernia pain, etc.All have a good effect.Usage and dosage: decoction, 10-15g, large dose 30g.Raw hawthorn and fried hawthorn are mostly used for eliminating food and stasis, and coke hawthorn to eliminate stagnation effects.For meat stagnation, diarrhea is upset.

3. Modern pharmacology of hawthorn

This product can treat coronary heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, bacterial dysentery, etc., which can promote fat digestion, increase the secretion of gastric enzymes, and promote digestion.It must be adjusted.Its extraction material can expand coronary arteries, increase coronary flow to protect myocardial ischemia and hypoxia; and can strengthen heart, lower blood pressure and antiprimpostal rhythm; it also reduces blood lipids, antiplication of arteriation, and reduces serum cholesterol and triglycerides.It may be achieved by increasing the excretion of cholesterol by increasing the concentration of high -density cholesterol and its sub -group.In addition, hawthorn can also aggregate, antioxidant, enhanced immunity, diuretic, sedative, shrinking uterus, and bacteria.

In addition: hawthorn also has two effects: laxative and liver protection.In the Qing Dynasty pharmaceutical book "Materia Medica" records that hawthorn can cure "spleen deficiency and humidity, eliminating food and grinding, benefit and urination."EssenceHawthorn contains bear fruit acid, which can reduce the deposition of animal fat on the blood vessel wall. Therefore, eating some hawthorn for "fatty liver" or obese people can eat and remove fat.

4. The way of hawthorn consumption

Hawthorn is two -purpose Chinese medicine. There are many ways to eat hawthorn: In addition to eating fresh hawthorn and hawthorn food, you can also add appropriately when stewed meat, which can be seasoned and helps digestion.You can also use dry hawthorn to soak water as tea.Common liver protection and lipid -lowering tea: 10 grams of hawthorn and cassia seeds, soak the water in an appropriate amount of water for 20 minutes, cook, boil for 10 minutes, add 6 grams of white chrysanthemum, cook for 5 minutes, drink tea, 1 dose daily, 1 dose dose dailyEssence

5. Hawthorn consumption pay attention to

(1) Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn only does not make up, and those with no stagnation or weak spleen and stomach should be used with caution or not.

(2) Eating more hawthorn can cause excessive gastric acid, and there are reports that cause gastric stones and small intestinal obstruction due to excessive hawthorn.Those with gastrointestinal ulcers will be used with caution.

(3) Although the commercially available hawthorn tablets have the effect of appetizing appetite for children, because they have a lot of sugar, such as the large amount of consumption, the blood sugar maintains a high level, it will affect appetite and can cause malnutrition and anemia.

(4) Because hawthorn has the effect of shrinking the uterus, pregnant women should not take it in large quantities.

(5) Too much to eat hawthorn will cause sour teeth, and the tannic acid unique to hawthorn also has certain damage to the teeth. Pay attention to rinse your mouth in time after consumption.

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