Are you still following the old method of contraception? Women who are easy to go on the ring may face these problems

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At present, many women who have given birth to children are still using the method of on -board contraception. This is a well -known contraceptive method, and the cost of the on -board is not high. After the upper ring, as long as you pay attention a few weeks, you don’t need to be troublesomeTake contraceptive measures, so the Sheung Wan surgery is really so reliable, does it have no side effects?

After giving birth to a baby, he had surgery of Shekuan, but was found by gynecological diseases.

After Xiaoxu gave birth to the first child, he had surgery of Sheung Wan. After six years, after the second child policy was open, the two children decided to have a second child.I have n’t been pregnant for the year, and I have been checked during the period of time. After examination, Xiao Xu was checked and prescribed medicine for the doctor for more than half a year before finally pregnant.

Is Xiaoxu puzzled the impact of the upper ring surgery?

The so -called Sheung Wan is based on different constitutions of people. The ring of circular, T -shaped, Y -shaped, V shaped and other shapes is placed into the uterine cavity. Through mechanical stimulation and the impact of chemicals, the purpose of abortion, contraception, etc.Essence

This kind of upper ring surgery is very common among Chinese women. It is simple and long -lasting. Generally, there will be no obvious side effects. However, if the care is improper or careless, it may cause great harm to women.

After all, adopt upper ring contraceptives is to put foreign objects in the body. If some people are sensitive skin, it is easy to cause careless care and cause gynecological diseases.

After a brief description of the doctor, Xiaoxu’s remembered that it seemed to be careless after taking the ring, which could cause gynecological diseases.

So what are the side effects of upper ring contraception?

A good body on the birth ring is like mentioning in the story. Generally, adopting upper ring contraceptives is a very effective and convenient way to promote emotional harmony, but after all, there are foreign bodies.There are side effects.

Uterine bleeding, waist pain

After the birth ring, the endometrium can be damaged, causing local congestion.Therefore, the woman who has been on the ring has no care or sensitive constitution, which is likely to have bleeding, and at the same time, it will cause abnormal menstruation.

In addition, a common side effect is: leading to women’s lower limbs or back pain.The ring in the uterus can cause uterine discomfort, and the shrinkage of the uterine can cause contraction pain.Easy to suffer from gynecological diseases

When women exercise violently, some of the birthdays in the body may be due to sharp shapes, causing damage to the uterus, and prone to uterine diseases.Lottery in small probability, high probability of malformations

After bringing the Shekuan, it is to avoid pregnancy, but there is also a small probability that will cause pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy.It is very high, and if the ectopic pregnancy cannot be left, the birth ring has been in the meat for a long time, and it will be painful to take it out.

If you want to do the upper ring surgery, the examination of the upper ring is essential. When there is inflammation, the upper ring surgery cannot be performed.If any discomfort occurs, you must not be underestimated. You must go to the hospital for medical examination in time to protect the health of our women in order to live a better life and take care of your children.

Of course, contraception is not just a way to do a breeding ring. You can choose a way that suits you to do contraception for medical consultation. After the rings, the ring has a life period. Everyone remembers that the ring will be taken, or the upper ring appears in the middle.If you are unwilling, you must prepare.

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