Are you tired all day after pregnancy?Don’t ignore these two factors, the pregnant mother is really distressing

A pregnant mother a few days ago told me, Sister Sister, do you know?Throughout pregnancy, my biggest feelings are tired. Other pregnant mothers say how much discomfort and how much they need to go through in October during pregnancy, but I think the biggest feeling of my entire pregnancy is tired.If you are tired, I wo n’t say it. Now I have been pregnant for 32 weeks. My body is not easy before, but I still feel particularly tired. I still feel very sleepy in the afternoon. I don’t want to eat it. I am too lazy to move.Do moms feel the same as me?

To be honest, when it comes to pregnancy, the most complaining about pregnant mothers is the difficulties and discomforts that they want to break during pregnancy, and few people will mention tired issues.However, it is said that pregnant mothers with more than 90 % after pregnancy will feel tired and can ignore the fatigue of other discomfort symptoms.Are you tired all day after pregnancy?Don’t ignore these two factors, pregnant mothers are really distressing.

The first is the cause of pregnancy:

When the pregnant mother was pregnant, she felt very tired no matter the night and night, and the whole person was particularly lazy and weak.This is mainly caused by hormones in the body of pregnant mothers. The placenta is like a generator, which secretes the hormones needed by many pregnant mothers. They are transported to the body and worsen the fatigue of the pregnant mother.

And according to the study of sleep experts, in the blood of the pregnant mother who often feels tired, there is a hormone -like hormone -like hormone -like hormone. The main ingredient is progesterone.Premature pain, so that the fetus can grow without interference.Although the pregnant mother will feel tired at this stage, she often wants to sleep, but she can’t get a good rest.

The key point is that the family is not considerate

In fact, the biggest reason why pregnant mothers always feel tired is that the family is not considerate and unreliable.Many pregnant mothers can enjoy the star -like treatment after pregnancy. Her husband asked himself to warm himself, mother -in -law distressed herself, take care of themselves, can get adequate rest, eat well, sleep well, everything is good, everything is goodIt’s right.

However, when I was pregnant, I knew how naive I was at the beginning. I met a good mother -in -law, and my good husband was lucky enough.But most of the pregnant mothers live such a life. In the case of class, after getting home from work, cooking and laundry are all their own. Even if there is a big belly, everything in the family cannot fall. There is no rest all day. There is no rest all day.Can you not be tired?

If you encounter a lot of things, the lacking -eye husband often adds to himself and finds it, and he is really tired.For most pregnant mothers, they are upper hand.

Are you tired after pregnancy?


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