Are you uncomfortable after pregnancy?What should I do?

After pregnancy, many people will have early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. It is reasonable that they will be more comfortable during early pregnancy, but many people will still have such discomfort.

feel sick and vomit:

It mainly occurs during early pregnancy. Most people will be fine after 3-4 months, but a few people will nausea and vomit to the middle and late pregnancy.Most people do not need special treatment. Pay attention to eat less and eat less and eat light diet.If you vomit, you can try to drink some strong ginger soup, or X -port Coca -Cola (please note that it is not X Coca -Cola), this kind of recipe will be useful for some people.If you spit well, you need to be hospitalized.Some people have no nausea and vomiting after pregnancy, but the taste will become strange. If you have a strong desire, you must eat some strange things. As long as these strange things eat it, it will not affect her health, and it will satisfy her.


In the middle and late pregnancy, many people will have swelling or foot swelling. Some people do not have obvious edema, but when they wake up in the morning, they will find that their fingers are uncomfortable and cannot bend.Most of them are caused by implicit edema. After a while, you will have a finger, and it will be fine after a while.For expectant mothers with obvious edema, in addition to raising the pillow on the feet while sleeping at night, you can also try to drink some diuretic winter melon soup and light soy milk, sometimes useful.


After pregnancy, many expectant mothers can not fall asleep insomnia. Although it is painful, there is really no good way.It is generally not recommended to take sleeping pills. You can try hot water before going to bed, drink milk, or use some Chinese medicine to help sleep.This kind of insomnia is often temporary, and it will be good after giving birth.Even if you can’t recover automatically, your baby will cure your insomnia, because TA is like a small alarm clock, and you will wake you up every 3-4 hours to drink milk. At that timeSleeping, some people even fell asleep with milk.

Swing rash, eczema:

This is the so -called "fetal qi" of traditional Chinese medicine. Sometimes it is accompanied by itching. If you go to the dermatologist, most of the TA will give you a stove Ganshi washing agent, and you will not give you a hormone ointment or oral drug.In fact, if eczema is severe, it can be coated with a little ointment with low concentration of glucocorticoids, which will not affect the fetus.

Wrist joint pain:

It is mainly due to the pain of tendon sheath or nerve compression caused by hidden edema. There is no good treatment method during pregnancy. Most of them will be good after childbirth. A few people who continue to hurt can find Chinese medicine to see.

Abdomen is uncomfortable:

"It hurts here, it hurts there."Okay, most of them are caused by increasing uterine pull -up peritoneal ligaments.If it is aggravated, or the pain that is clearly positioned in the same place, the doctor needs to be checked in detail.

Back pain:

After pregnancy, the level of estrogen hormone is significantly increased, which will cause ligaments in some parts to relax, and joints sometimes have small displacement or misplaced, resulting in low back pain or other joint pain.In addition, increased uterus will also increase the pull of the lumbar ligament, causing discomfort.The solution is to properly do some stretching movements on the waist or joints, and local massage will also help.

Leg cramps:

Part of the reason is calcium deficiency, and the other reason is poor blood flow.Note that taking sufficient amount of calcium after the second trimester, appropriate amount of exercise and local massage will also help.

Frequent urine:

Especially at night, it often gets night.After entering the middle of the pregnancy, the enlarged uterus compressed the bladder forward. In the late uterus, it would increase upwards, but it would be better.

There are many vaginal secretions:

Normal pregnancy performance, if it is accompanied by obvious itching, odor, or bean dregs -like lack, it needs to be further checked.After pregnancy, under the action of estrogen hormones, the vaginal environment changes, and vaginal fungal infections are prone to occur. For those with obvious symptoms, it can be treated with Class B anti -fungal drugs.

Fast heartbeat, chest tightness, dizziness:

After entering the middle and late pregnancy, more blood flow injection uterus, expectant mothers are prone to hypotension syndrome, which is often related to posture.In addition, hypoglycemia is prone to occur.It should be noted that you can’t take too long; take your time when you change your position, not too fast; don’t stay for too long in the place where the air is not circulating.


The enlarged uterus affects the backbone of the lower limbs, which can easily lead to hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Most of them will not affect natural delivery. The symptoms after childbirth will be significantly relieved, and most hemorrhoids will disappear.Those with severe symptoms can go to the anorectal to see a consultation, mainly for conservative local drug treatment, with the purpose of which is to relieve symptoms.

My heart is very uncomfortable, and everyone is angry:

Postpartum depression is common, and prenatal depression will occur.Well, my husband is a little bit, but don’t go too much, lose less.When I was pregnant, my wife was suffering, and her husband was angry.

in conclusion:

1. It is normal to be uncomfortable when you are pregnant. Few people are uncomfortable before pregnancy, and they become comfortable after pregnancy. This opportunity is less likely to buy lottery tickets.

2. This discomfort is normal "abnormal", and most of them do not require drug treatment.If you need to be treated, mainly traditional Chinese medicine, because these problems that occur after pregnancy are mainly "symptoms", not "disease".Eating western medicine injections or surgery can cure "disease". The treatment of "symptoms" is a good play of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and there is no good way to western medicine.

3. If the symptoms of pregnancy are worse, affecting normal work and life, you need to see the corresponding specialist.

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