As long as you achieve this 8 points, you can still raise pets during pregnancy

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Not long ago, an initiative appeared in a community in Hefei, which caused some public opinion criticism from netizens.It turned out that the wife of a family in the community was pregnant. I hope that all residents in the community can temporarily send them away.At the same time, residents in the community are required not to walk dogs in the community.Netizens have criticized the man to be selfish and felt that he only thought of himself.After the incident was exposed, the topic of whether it was possible to raise pets during pregnancy was again heated.So let’s talk about today, can we raise pets during pregnancy?

Whether pets can be kept during pregnancy depends on whether pets will cause harm to pregnant mothers and baby.So what are the dangers of pets during pregnancy?

Harm 1: Infectious disease

Currently in our lives, the most common pets are cats and dogs.Among them, raising dogs are in danger of being infected with rabies.If the pregnant mothers are infected with rabies, they will cause fatal threat to the fetus.Catal animals are infected with toxoplasma.The cat’s feces have insect eggs, and these worm eggs have survived for a year.Except for cats, many other mammals may be the middle depository of Toxoplasma.

Pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy infection of Toxoplasma disease will cause tires, dead tires, and fetal malformations; if they are infected in the second and third trimester, they will cause death, premature birth, or diseases that cause fetal brains and eyes.Essence

In addition to the above two most common, there are also infectious diseases such as sporoids, tapeworm diseases, and eye insect diseases, which are transmitted to humans by pets.

Harm 2: Allergy

Animal dander is a major factor that induces allergies. The specific manifestations are: allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, and specific eczema.

Coupled with cats and dogs often licked their hair with their tongue, it is easier to cause allergies.

Harm 3: Grab injuries and bite

Although it is not infected by healthy animals or bite, wounds that are caught or bite are easily invaded by bacteria, causing wound infection.

Although there is a certain harm to pets during pregnancy, it is not to say that it must not be kept.So when raising pets during pregnancy, you must pay attention to these points.

1. Frequent bathing pets, especially the parts, ears, and eyes;

2. Clean the small nest of the pet regularly and disinfect the tableware;

3. Let pets eat the foods they feed themselves, do not let it go out to find out at will;

4. Remove pets regularly to remove small bugs such as lice, fleas, etc. on pets;

5. Regularly injected vaccines for pets to reduce the breeding of parasites;

6. Pregnant mothers should try not to clean up pet feces by themselves, or prepare gloves and other supplies when cleaning up, try to isolate the opportunity to isolate bacteria to contact the human body;

7. When necessary, you can wear a mouth cover for pets to effectively prevent pets from smelling outside and smelling some bacteria;

8. Build a small nest for pets to give it a place where you rest;

With these, those pregnant mothers who like pets can be kept at ease!

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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