As one of the 3 major fruits, apricot, the quality is cheap, why is it gradually declined?

In the history of our country, the three fruits of Tao, Li, and Xing are fruits native to our country. Among them, the planting history of Xing has already been recorded as early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.Essence

However, in the market, the popularity of Tao and Li Zi is higher than Xingzi, and the variety is more diverse. For example, there are peaches and blood peasons, Lizi has Sanhua Li, Heblin, etc.The development momentum of the two fruits can be said to be booming.

However, only apricots have been unsatisfactory in the market in recent years. Peach and plums can hear new varieties and prices in a few years, but Xingzi is common in those varieties.

Searching on the Internet on the Internet, most of the questions are delicious, imported plums and domestic plums.But if you go to find the information of Xingzi, most of them are "why there are peaches and people, apricot hurt people" and "why can’t Xingzi eat more".

It makes sense that the popularity of almond discussions on the Internet today is higher than that of how to eat apricot.

This sentence is from the book "Tube" in 685 BC. As of now, the history of planting apricots in my country has already been more than 2600 years. Ten types of apricot trees in the world have accounted for 9 of them, and the Northern Wei Dynasty. The farm book "Qi Min Yao Shu" by Jia Sizhen (Tong "Evil") also tells the method of planting apricot trees, and also left a praise of "Wen Xing Shi and Sweet". The degree of welcome.

The old saying says "Tao Li Man in the world", which is used to refer to the high education level of the teacher, while Xingzi represents the benevolence of the doctor.

Apricot, simply like a farmer who planted it, was unknown; it was like an old man who was hanging.Young people like to chase the trend. Grapes have black gems and sapphires; plums have black Bolin, dinosaur eggs; peaches have blood peaches, golden peaches; watermelon has yellow watermelon watermelon …

What are the apricot? I have come over for so many years. I eat the apricots with the names of "soil to the slag", big yellow apricot, and white apricot., But basically the selling phase is similar.

There is nothing to speculate like apricot fruits like apricot, so in terms of price, Xingzi is a flaw.From the perspective of the fruit farmers who grow apricot, the black gems and sapphire grapes of others can be sold dozens of pieces and a pound. Cherry acquisition price is also constantly rising this year.The purchase price is a few cents. The same labor will be paid.

The low market price of Xingzi is an important factor in restricting the development of Xingzi’s market, but in turn, low prices may also be an opportunity for Xingzi to develop rapidly. Fruit on the market is moving towards high -end.Instead, the low price is to give a cheap purchase opportunity that loves to eat Xingzi. It is also very good. Maybe you can use this to play a beautiful turnaround for Xingzi!

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