As soon as I was pregnant, the "baby" was gone. Do you know "fake pregnancy"?

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For the little couple who wants the baby

The most excited thing is to test the "two bars"!

But is the "two bars" be pregnant?

For some people, it may be just an empty joy

Let’s take a look at an example that happened recently in the clinic

Auntie’s very regular Xiaoli, this month has not come for more than 7 days.Intuition tells her that it may be the winning.Sure enough, try a pregnancy test stick -two bars!Hurry up to the hospital for examination with her husband.

After the doctor asked some situations, he told Xiaoli to take a blood to see the HCG value (human chorionic gonadotropin).

Doctor: "Need to confirm. The test strip may be false positive."


The test results came out, and the value was 29IU/L.The doctor told Xiaoli: "This value is pregnant according to the standard of our hospital greater than 5IU/L. But because of your menstrual rules, according to the ovulation date, this value is still lower. Let’s review it after 4 days.A large amount of vaginal bleeding returns to the hospital in time. "

After 4 days, Xiaoli and his wife reviewed HCG. Sure enough, the blood value prompted negative.

The couple are very frustrated, from scratch, from nothing to nothing … mood is not tasteful.

The puzzling little couple consulted the doctor: "Why is this? How to avoid it in the future?"

Medically, we call this situation (commonly known as biochemical pregnancy or biochemical).

"Biochemical pregnancy" refers to the loss of pregnancy after bed in the embryo. [1]The HCG can be positive for test strips and blood drawing, but it has not yet developed the stage when the B-ultrasound can see the position of the gestational sac (the earliest vaginal B-ultrasound needs to be seen 3-4 weeks after ovulation).In other words, sperm and eggs quietly broke up.

In fact, the impact of biochemical pregnancy on the health of pregnant women is relatively small. After HCG is descending, it is equivalent to a menstruation.

but!The spiritual blow to the patients and his wife cannot be ignored.Early pregnancy loss (especially repeated loss) is an emotional trauma experience, similar to emotional trauma caused by death or newborns.How to avoid repeated occurrence is the focus we should pay attention to.

This is the first factors to consider.Most of the fertilized eggs that occur in biochemical pregnancy have certain defects.(So from a certain perspective, biochemical pregnancy is not a bad thing, because it can reduce the birth of babies with congenital defects.)

The most common reason is that the number of chromosomes or abnormal structural abnormalities in embryos.

The more natural miscarriage, the higher the risk of non -rectification of embryos.

How to deal with:

It is recommended that the couple have chromosome examination to see if there is a genetic factors; to understand the age of abortion and ask the family history carefully (whether the brothers and sisters or parents of any party have two or more natural abortion history).

The uterus is the worst uterus abnormality in the end of the fertility, and it is also the most common uterine abnormalities related to miscarriage.

In addition, smooth fibroids, endometrium polyps, endometrial adhesion, and endometrial diarrhea may be related to abortion. Although the grade of evidence is insufficient, if the patient repeatedly occurs, it is recommended to give corresponding treatment.

How to deal with:

It is recommended to do a gynecological ultrasound. If necessary, do three -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound or magnetic resonance, screen out high suspicious patients, and follow -up can be further permanent for hysteroscopy or laparoscopic examination and treatment.

Insulin resistance may also be one of the reasons.

Hypephomaline -like glands antibody concentration of women, hypertensive prolactin lesions, lack of luteal function, etc., may also affect the success of pregnancy.

How to deal with:

It is recommended to do endocrine -related examinations, including thyroid function, sugar tolerance test, and determination of basic endocrine, etc., and give corresponding treatment.

This is the most controversial but also the hottest area.

Anticin syndrome (APS) is the only immune disease that uses pregnancy loss as a diagnostic standard.5%-15%of patients with recurrence (RPL) may exist in APS [2].Some scholars have suggested that this recurrent abortion is similar to the transplantation and rejection of transplantation, because the mother’s immune system recognizes the embryo as foreign objects, causing rejection.

This is a vicious circle.Because after repeated spontaneous abortion, the immune response will be expected to cause early exclusion and repeatedly cause biochemical pregnancy.

How to deal with:

Because the controversy is relatively large, many inspections are unknown.At present, it is recommended to be comprehensive tests such as antichen antibody, anticoagulant factor detection, complement C3/C4, lupus anticoagulant screening, coagulation factor V activity measurement, anti -nuclear antibody, etc.

Obesity, smoking, drinking, men’s sperm abnormalities, men’s age, decreased ovarian reserve function, some infections (for example, single -core cells increase Liszt bacteria, rigid bowworm, giant cell virus, primary genital herpes) can cause causeDifferent pregnancy is lost, but the current evidence is not too sufficient.

How to deal with:

This set of factors is actually the most important part of the patient’s own efforts and the highest cost -effective.For example, to improve living habits, quit smoking and drinking, actively exercise weight loss, and actively do pre -pregnancy examinations to eliminate infections, not only to welcome a healthy and cute baby, but also for their own health.

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Source: Shao Yifu Hospital

Author: Obstetrics and Gynecology Wang Yangyang

Original works, please indicate the source and source for reprinting

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