As soon as the daughter -in -law entered the door, the 56 -year -old mother -in -law became pregnant.

The world is unique. I have seen my mother -in -law take care of her daughter -in -law and help with her grandson. She hasn’t seen her daughter -in -law taking care of her mother -in -law confinement and helping her uncle.

But things happened like this. What should my daughter -in -law do?It ’s not easy to get pregnant when you are pregnant. Do you think that your daughter -in -law will join or leave?

My mother -in -law cares for her daughter -in -law, and everyone thinks it should be. After all, the child is also the grandson of the mother -in -law;

Ms. Hao in Shandong encountered such an annoyance. Before she got married, her mother -in -law found that she was pregnant and insisted on giving birth. The whole family advised Ms. Hao to ask her children later to help bring her uncle.

Ms. Hao’s husband is the only child. For this reason, the woman’s parents did not want to be too colorful. Anyway, there is a child in her pro -family.

Originally, Ms. Hao thought that she lived with her in -laws at most, and did not need to deal with other relationships.I did not expect that it didn’t take long to encounter a more difficult problem.

When Ms. Hao was preparing to prepare for pregnancy, her mother -in -law asked them to talk about her two children, saying that she was pregnant unexpectedly. If they wanted to give birth, they were also a good thing.

The news was too shocking. Ms. Hao was stunned. Before she reacted, her husband took the lead in opposing, saying that her mother -in -law gave birth to a child at the age of her mother -in -law, and it came out to make her neighbor joke.

However, her husband did not object to it for a long time, and was called by her in -laws to talk about it again. I didn’t know what to say. The husband also agreed to give birth to her mother -in -law and persuaded Ms. Hao to accept it.

Ms. Hao has nothing to do, and then oppositions becomes a wicked person. She can only express her expression. She does not support nor objection, and lets them look at them.

The gossip was quickly spread in the village, saying that the daughter -in -law was not pregnant, but the wife’s belly was big first. Maybe the uncle and his nephew could be born back and forth.

Ms. Hao felt very irritable by the people in the village, but her parents -in -law and husband didn’t mind, and they were looking forward to this little life.

Until the mother -in -law produced, another boy was added, and the troubles followed.

After all, my mother -in -law was an elderly child. I originally said that I would not let others manage it, but I found that the power was not obedient. The father -in -law and husband would not take care of it. They could only ask Ms. Hao to take care of her mother -in -law confinement and help bring her uncle.

Ms. Hao was originally worried about her mother -in -law’s pregnancy. Now she still wants her to take care of confinement and bring her children. She is a hundred unwillingness, and she ran back to her mother’s house in one hundred.

Ms. Hao sent her experience to the Internet, which immediately caused heated discussion among netizens.


Some netizens commented that it is not easy to get pregnant at the age of 56, but letting daughter -in -law take care of confinement with children is too much.

Some netizens commented that her mother -in -law took care of her daughter -in -law and daughter -in -law. After all, she gave her a grandson, but her daughter -in -law had no obligation to bring her uncle.

Some netizens also commented that Ms. Hao should not be soft -hearted at the beginning. She could think that after her mother -in -law gave birth to a child, she wanted to skimmed it.


It is a personal business to have children. In theory, family members should not point to draw, but if they affect the lives of their family, they still have the right to speak.

Ms. Hao’s mother -in -law is 56 years old and insists on having children. Obviously, she can’t bring her children to help her daughter -in -law, let alone help her daughter -in -law.

What ages can do, you can be unique, but you must have financial support, otherwise you will be dragged down on others, which will likely affect the marriage of the eldest son.

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