As soon as the heart is sick, the body will show these four "flaws", don’t look at it but disappear

Due to more education on healthy diet and the progress of treatment, compared with the past, the number of people who died in heart disease decreased. Although panic is the first sign of the symptoms of heart disease.It is caused by a bunch of other things, so don’t panic, many of them are symptoms of anemia, so please check that there may be signs of iron deficiency.

1. Insufficient energy

Insufficient energy is not just lack of sleep, this is extremely fatigue.Insufficient energy is similar to the feeling of influenza, unless this situation will not disappear.Many people think that this is nothing, and they will feel better, but in fact, this may be a sign of heart disease. The reason for the lack of energy is to be hypoxic. The heart is struggling and nervous, and the oxygen is transported to the patient’s body.In other words, many people are tired of many reasons.If lack of energy is the only symptom, patients can talk to doctors, but do not get a diagnosis of heart disease on the grounds of this.

2. Swelling

For a series of reasons, such as pregnancy, varicose veins, or limited movement capabilities during travel, the swelling of the feet may occur.It may also be a sign of heart failure, and heart failure is a chronic disease that is invalidated by the heart.When the heart valve cannot be closed normally, swelling occurs, and some drugs that reduce blood pressure and diabetes may also cause swelling.Foot swelling related to the heart is usually accompanied by other symptoms, including shortness of breath or fatigue.

3. Dizziness

Dizziness may be one of the symptoms of many non -heart -related causes.If the patient feels dizzy or dizzy, stop walking, run, and cycling.This symptom may be caused by dehydration, but if it often occurs, please talk to the patient’s doctor to see if dizziness is the side effects of drugs, inner ear problems, anemia or heart problems.This dizziness may be caused by a decrease in blood pressure caused by vascular obstruction or a valve failure that cannot maintain blood pressure.

4. Short breathing

Short respiration may be asthma, anemia, infection, or rarely the problem of heart valve or pumping blood ability.The effusion that affects the left side of the heart will generate analog breathing of bronchial asthma. Once the valve is fixed, the liquid no longer accumulates in the lungs, and the patient’s breathing will be easier.

Sudden anxiety, sweating, nausea is a typical symptom of panic, but they are also symptoms of heart disease.If these early heart symptoms are accompanied by shortness of breathing, extreme fatigue or chest pain, full or pain, shoulders, arms, necks or throats, and immediately send them to the emergency room.Waiting for more than five minutes to take action may change the patient’s survival opportunity.In fact, those patients who arrived at the hospital within one hour of heart disease had a better survival rate than those waiting patients.

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