As soon as we pregnant for a week, women will feel these feelings, and careful expectant mothers will have obvious feelings

It may be that in many people’s eyes, the first month of pregnancy generally does not feel, but in fact it is not the case. The human body is far more sensitive than we think, but it is often felt that it is ignored by pregnant mothers.Moreover, after a woman is pregnant with a baby, there is more than one physical feeling, so if you are in a pregnancy period, you can actually see if you have those performances after pregnancy to determine whether you are pregnant.

As soon as we pregnant for a week, women will feel these feelings, and the feeling of pregnant women with second child will feel more intense.

In comparison, pregnant women with second child have experienced pregnancy, so their bodies will be more sensitive, so they know more about what they will feel if they succeed.

Although it was just about a week or so, the embryo at this time had not just been bed, but the woman’s body would still feel.Because with the embryo bed, the body hormone will fluctuate large, especially the progesterone will rise in the short term, and the body is difficult to adapt for a while.Essence

After consuming a lot of energy and functions, pregnant mothers will naturally become fatigue, which is why some women suddenly feel fatigue after they are pregnant with their babies.

The changes in body hormones not only include the rise of progesterone, but also the breasts of women will also secrete more prolactin. Once the prolactin is increased, it will cause a slight tenderness in the breast. Under the effect of prolactin, milkThe ministry may also become softer than before pregnancy.

Some women did not notice this situation because the mild swelling feeling caused by when she was pregnant and women were very similar to the tenderness of the dairy parts before and after the ovulation period, so some women would this woman will this female will this female will bring this this this.It is difficult to judge that it is difficult for them to be pregnant with a baby.

The slight swelling of the milk part caused by pregnancy will disappear after a period of time. At this time, because the body has almost adapted to the increase of the prolactin, it will not feel pain.At this time, it may be found that the color of the areola deepened compared to the previous, which is also caused by a large amount of secretion of prolactin in a short time. It can be seen through the naked eye that pregnant mothers can use this as a criterion.

Some women also show more frequent urination needs when they first conceive their baby, which is also affected by hormones.The main reason is that after the fertilized eggs were successfully bed on the inner wall of the uterus, the HCG content in the body began to increase. At this time, it would stimulate the bladder and urethra, so it is easy to frequently occur in urination.Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry, because this feeling will disappear after a period of time, which is also the result of physical adaptation.

Some pregnant mothers may also have a slight abdominal pain. This abdominal pain is similar to the female physiological cycle, but it is not as serious as dysmenorrhea, but a faint discomfort. It may also be accompanied by a minor ones.Pain on the back of the back.In response to these feelings, don’t worry too much, let alone feel that this is a signal of poor embryo development.

It didn’t take long for the baby to be pregnant, what problems need to pay attention to?

Many pregnant mothers who are pregnant with the first child do not know very much. They probably know that they want to raise tires and keep embryo stability, but they do not know more details.

Here are reminding pregnant mothers that in the early days of pregnant babies, we must avoid physical labor and high -intensity exercise. This is to ensure the stability of the embryo, because at this time the embryo has just been bed. If you do not pay attention, the embryo is likely to be likelyCracks will occur, resulting in failure.

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to properly intake of folic acid. In fact, as early as the pregnancy stage, female friends can supplement folic acid, and early pregnancy is the critical stage of embryonic development. Only proper folic acid can ensure that the embryo is normal.Development to prevent deformed development.

In addition to supplement folic acid, pregnant mothers should also supplement other nutritional elements appropriately. Although this stage may not be eaten because of pregnancy, they must also adjust their emotions and find some foods that they can eat as alternative supplements.It may guarantee the balance of nutrition, otherwise it will also affect the embryo.

Sleep schedule is also the focus of attention to pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy. At this stage, only to ensure sufficient sleep and maintain good sleep quality, the hormones of pregnant mothers can stabilizeEmbryo.Otherwise, the body of the body is weak, and the embryo is more laborious in the early stages. The quality of the embryo may not be so good, and it will also affect the normal growth and development of the baby in the later stage.

Conclusion: Breeding is a huge challenge for women. I hope that family members can do a good job of logistical support and provide strong backing for pregnant women and fetuses.

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