Ask the soul: Which of those difficult little things during pregnancy, which part of you is going through?

I always thought that pregnancy was a happy thing.Feeling the baby’s slowly growing up in the stomach, the long waiting of these ten months is the most romantic thing.Whenever you see the younger sisters around you, you will be particularly envious, and you will even talk to their fetal baby "whispering."

It wasn’t until I was pregnant that I knew the most "painful" thing was pregnant.The joy of just being diagnosed with pregnancy has disappeared by vomiting and irritability.And with the movement of pregnancy, I found that my previous thoughts were too simple, and even eating and sleeping became very difficult.

They specially chatted with sisters who had given birth to the baby, and they said that they had all experienced these difficult processes.Just in front of friends, they learned to be patient and are unwilling to share negative emotions.At this moment, I suddenly wanted to say: You cheated me so hard …

How many things do you have experienced during pregnancy?

The first one: severe pregnancy reaction

Beginning around pregnancy, there is a reaction of pregnancy. At first, it was limited to vomiting after the morning in the morning.But slowly, I actually developed to vomit and vomit. I do n’t exaggerate: I spit out the water in the first second!Not to mention how uncomfortable it is.

The severe pregnancy behavior for two consecutive weeks has caused the weight to fall straight. The family feels that the malnutrition will definitely occur.It not only affects the baby’s growth, but even the state of the pregnant woman itself is worrying. It can only be forced to seek medical treatment and maintain it by the nutrient solution.

Second: You must control your diet

The old man said: When you are pregnant, you have to be delicious, because one body and two heartbeats.Only eating more nutritious food can ensure that the mother and the baby are healthy.However, it is only known that I can’t eat and drink at all in the middle and late pregnancy. It must not only eat a healthy diet, but also to control the diet.

If you do not control your weight, you will face the possibility of excessive growth during pregnancy.All fats will accumulate to the abdomen position, and they will be affected when they have children in the future.Another is that it is difficult to recover your body after production.

Third one: frequently go to the toilet

Fortunately, the number of times to go to the toilet is not so frequent.However, as the fetus increases, the frequency of going to the toilet is getting higher and higher, and I can’t even sleep all night.For many pregnant mothers, it is too difficult to go to the toilet at night, don’t mention how painful it is.

Over time, my mood will be affected.Many pregnant mothers have begun to have irritable and anxious couples, because sleeping for a long time will definitely affect her mood.In this way, a vicious cycle is formed. The long -term irritability of pregnant mothers will also affect the baby’s character after birth.

The most serious is that many pregnant mothers have suffered from insomnia all night.I don’t know if it is because of frequent toilets, or because of other things, there are serious insomnia.Seriously, the state of mothers during pregnancy is too impact on the baby.Insomnia is definitely not a good phenomenon, and the damage to health is too high.

The fourth piece: pubic pain is unbearable

By the end of pregnancy, the pain in the initial estimation became more intense.Most of the time, lying on the bed, because the pain has seriously affected life.I ask myself countless times: If you are giving a chance, will you still choose to get pregnant without hesitation?I thought for a long time, but there was no answer.

Until now I think of it, I still feel helpless.It is said that having children is the most painful, but the pain of the pubic bone is still impressive.Of course, the status of each pregnant mother is different, and the pain index is not the same.If you see someone in pain, you don’t need to feel a big question, because she really hurts.

How to ease these discomfort during pregnancy and easily spend a difficult ten months?

First of all, adjusting the mentality is the most important.Feel the growth of the baby’s baby every day, and counting his fetal movement is actually a very happy process.When the mentality becomes calm, many anxiety during pregnancy will be easily taken through.Even the most headache night urine problem does not seem to be so painful.

Secondly, persistence is important.If the physical condition is allowed, try to walk as much as possible, and you can’t always lie on the bed, because the person is lying more and lazy.And walking more during pregnancy, in fact, it is very helpful for the body of the pregnant mother, the development of the baby, and the recovery of production and post -production.

Finally, chat with your family.It is best to be able to regulate yourself. If you can’t, then chat with your family and imagine the problem of your baby after birth.Just named the baby alone can have a great sense of satisfaction, and it is good for pregnant women’s mood.

Written at the end: During pregnancy, you will encounter many "pain" things, but you think you will have a new life.Most pregnant mothers will work hard to resist all, waiting quietly for the baby to be born.After I really spent these years, I look back and look at it, it seems that it is not so painful.Therefore, mentality is really critical, don’t let negative emotions wrap yourself.

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