At 38 weeks of pregnancy, the lower abdomen was painful. Is the fetus be born into a basin?Out early.

At 38 weeks of pregnancy, according to the current medical standards of our country, the fetus has been full of monthly, close to the due date, and it may be launched at any time. At this time, the expectant mothers are also very careful. At the same timeUnloading, when abdominal pain occurs, you will think about whether it is going to give birth, but it is unclear whether it is going to give birth.

At 38 weeks of pregnancy, the abdomen is painful. Is the fetus be born in the basin?

1. It may be born.

Although the due date is 40 weeks of pregnancy, there are not many fetuses born in 40 weeks. It is normal for the early and delayed 2 weeks, because the due date is only speculated that it may not be very accurate, and even if the due date is accurate, the fetus may be possible due to various conditions.Born in advance, although it is better to be born at 38 weeks of pregnancy, it is better to be born in the due date, but the fetus is proper after birth, and it will not have danger and adverse effects.

2. It may not be born.

It is just abdominal pain, not a real precursor of labor. If abdominal pain is caused by real contractions, it may be born, but abdominal pain may be caused by other reasons. For examplePull stimulation can also cause abdominal pain, and other cases such as gastrointestinal diseases such as gastrointestinal diseases are not a precursor to the birth of the fetus.

3. What kind of abdominal pain is really going to be born?

First of all, abdominal pain is real contraction.

True contraction is a precursor to giving birth, and fake contractions are not. Fake contractions are also called invalid contractions. From 6 weeks of pregnancy, it will appear in the third trimester. In the third trimester, pseudo contractions will occur frequently.Shining, so it can also cause abdominal pain.

The difference between real contractions and false contractions is that the real contraction before giving birth is the strength of the pain, and the interval is getting shorter and shorter. Generally, it lasts more than 30 seconds each time, 5-6 minutes interval, and the real contraction is with real contraction.Pain cannot be relieved.Pseudo -contractions are not regular, and it may be very painful when it hurts, but it is okay for a while.

Secondly, accompanied by other babies.

The real pelvis is about to give birth. The expectant mother is not just abdominal pain, but also accompanies other precursors of giving birth, such as seeing red and breaking water. When there is a burst of pain for a while, and there is a phenomenon of redness or water breaking, that is, it has been launched.You should go to the hospital as soon as possible to check the delivery.

If it is only abdominal pain and there are no other precursors to giving birth, it is pseudo -contractions. If the false contractions occur very frequently and the uterus is repeatedly contracted, it may lead to hypoxia in the fetus.If abnormalities occur, go to the hospital for examination in time.

4. About the fetus into the pot.

In the third trimester, in order to prepare for childbirth, the fetal head will fall into the pelvis. This is the fetus entering the pot. The first maternal will enter the pot at 34 weeks of pregnancy, but it will be born soon when the fetus is not entered.Instead of the first child, the maternity of the child is generally late, and the fetal head may enter the basin before giving birth.

After entering the basin, due to the decline of the fetus, the organ and lower limbs of the abdominal cavity are oppressed. The expectant mothers will have a more obvious sense of falling, and there will be abdominal pain, back pain, frequent urination, constipation, etc.Differences, some feel obvious, some feel not obvious.

Therefore, at 38 weeks of pregnancy, if lower abdomen pain occurs, it is necessary to judge whether it is contractions, real contraction or fake contraction. It can be determined whether it is going to be born in combination with other symptoms.Go to the hospital for examination.

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