At 5 weeks of pregnancy, the mother found the baby’s baby. In the early days of pregnancy, there were three symptoms of illness.

Some people say that Huai Cai is like pregnancy. It takes some time to let others see that in fact, pregnancy is also like Huai. When she was pregnant, the fetus was relatively small, and her mother did not know that she was pregnant.

Generally, it is generally the second month of pregnancy, the second month of pregnancy, the mother will find sherself pregnant.Mom will find that she is pregnant from the following three symptoms:

1. Menstruation does not come

The fifth week of pregnancy was from the 29th day of the pregnancy. My mother found that she had a circle of menstruation on her calendar. The day was not as promised.It may have been noticed that you may be pregnant.

At this time, the fetus was not the fetus but just a small embryo, not even one centimeter.The fetus is only about 1.25 mm, which is very, very small.

But it has entered a stage of rapid growth, just like a seed that has germinated, growing greater than a day.At this time, the fetus has formed a heart, but because it is still too small, the B -ultrasound generally cannot see the fetus.From time to time, a mother asked in the background, why I didn’t see the fetal heart at 5 weeks of pregnancy, because it was too small to see.

Therefore, the first B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy will be clearly seen in about 7 weeks.

2. Similar to cold symptoms

In the past, there was a sister in the village. When she was pregnant, she felt weak, and had a headache like a cold. The sister was not particularly good, and she had a cold medicine at home, so she found a cold medicine to take it.

Later, I learned that I was pregnant because I might have been teratable after eating.At that time, the two couples were still young and felt that there should be no problem next time, so they beat the child.I don’t want to be pregnant for several years.

In the end, I had to go to the infertility department of the hospital for nearly a year before she pregnant with my child.At that time, because she was already an older woman, it was difficult whether it was pregnant or when she was born.

Therefore, if you are preparing for pregnancy, you may get pregnant without contraception, so if you find that you should not take medicine like a cold, remember.

Pay attention to rest and keep a relaxed mood, so that the symptoms of a cold will be more comfortable.When the symptoms of a cold appear, the mother can consider buying a pregnancy test paper to detect it.

3. Symptoms of gastroenteritis

After five weeks of pregnancy, many mothers have had symptoms of nausea and vomiting. As long as they smell some smells, or come together in the morning, because the air is relatively dry, it is easy to vomit.It is close to the symptoms of gastroenteritis.

Mainly the changes in hormones in the early stages of pregnancy, resulting in obvious gastrointestinal reactions.

Pay attention to reducing vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy:

If you eat something, you can consider soda cakes when you ca n’t eat things.

Drinking some foaming water, more sugar -free cola is a very many mother’s vomiting weapon abroad. The bubbles in cola can inhibit vomiting.

Wipe some irritating ginger, and some mothers say that rubbing ginger on her lips can also reduce vomiting.

Diet a little: Eat some tomatoes, cucumbers, chili, fresh shiitake mushrooms, fresh pi -mushrooms, hawthorn fruit, apples, etc., also made the mother want to eat more, it is not easy to vomit after eating.

It is easy to stimulate the vomiting in the morning. It is recommended that you can put a humidifier in the family, so that the air in your breath is not so dry, and it is not easy to spit in the morning.

3. Symptoms of urethritis

During the pregnancy, the whole body was prepared to make the baby’s birth smoothly. Hormone secretion was large in quantity, and the uterus began to increase slowly in order to adapt to the baby’s growing up. The bladder as the neighbor as the uterus was suppressed.

Therefore, there will be symptoms of urgency often, and it will not pull out much.

At this time, the mother should pay attention to drink plenty of water, do not urinate, and slowly adapt to this situation.

How do you find that you are pregnant when you are pregnant, welcome to leave a message.

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