At 9 weeks of pregnancy, how normal is the pregnancy sac?Regarding the changes in the body of the pregnant mother, you may wish to understand

For female friends, after pregnancy, most of the attention will be placed on the growth status of the baby in the abdomen, and the development standards of the baby in the abdomen baby in each stage will have certain reference standards.The prospective father and mother can understand the health of the baby in the abdomen according to that standard.So when it is about 9 weeks of pregnancy, how big the gestational sac is normal, what changes will the pregnant mother’s body change?Let’s take a look with Xiaobian today.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, how normal is the pregnancy sac?

Female friends can find that the maximum value of the pregnancy sac through the B -ultrasound will be found to be more than 35 mm at about 9 weeks of pregnancy, and you can also see that the gestational sac is almost full of the entire uterine cavity of the pregnant mother.At this time, the outline of the baby’s baby became clearer, and the placenta began to gradually appear.Although the fetal volume was relatively small during this period, the babies’ various organs and facial organs began to develop, and at this time, the blood vessels in the baby’s body began to develop.

The fetus will grow to about 2.15 cm, and the head is greater than the carcass.The skulls began to be calcified, the placenta began to develop, and the performance of each department became clearer.At this time, the baby’s weight is relatively light, only the weight of a grape grape.

Regarding the changes in the body of the pregnant mother, you may wish to understand

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, as the fetal shape grows, the expectant mother’s uterus will also have fists, and at this time the breast may have a feeling of pain, the color of the areola and nipples will also become darker, butThe weight of pregnant mothers will not increase too much, and the body shape will not change significantly.This period is a period of tissue tissue differentiation.Pregnant mothers must pay attention to nutrition, take folic acid in time, and supplement some protein.

And on the 9th week of pregnancy, the impact of hormone levels in the body may be very prone to feel fatigue.This is due to the development of the placenta, which will secrete many hormones necessary for pregnant women, which will be transported to all parts of the body.And in this period of time, there may be some pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting or fatigue, which may affect the sleep quality of the pregnant mother to a certain extent.

Nine weeks of pregnancy are an important period for the development of babies in the abdomen, so pregnant mothers must pay more attention to rest, and if you relax and train before going to bed, properly regulate indoor temperatures, you can also choose to sleep in sleep, you can also choose to sleep in sleeping in sleep.Drink a cup of hot milk before.And at about 9 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also eat more intake of various nutrients such as rich protein, calcium, iron and zinc, to achieve a balanced diet and scientific matching, which will help to promote fetal development.

The above is the small phenomenon that I shared with you today, about 9 weeks of pregnancy.If you have good opinions or suggestions, please comment and leave a message below, and thank you for your reading.

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